What is a suture scissors used for?

Straight-bladed Mayo scissors are designed for cutting body tissues near the surface of a wound. As straight-bladed Mayo scissors are also used for cutting sutures, they are also referred to as “suture scissors”.

What is suture removal scissor?

Straight Mayos are often called “Suture Scissors.” Metzenbaum scissors or “Metz” are used for fine dissection and cutting. They are most frequently slightly curved. A common mistake is to use Metzenbaums to cut suture, which dulls the scissors and renders then less useful for dissection.

What are dissecting scissors?

Dissecting & Operating Scissors The curved bladed dissecting scissors are mostly use to cut through dense tissue including the uterus, breast, foot and other simliar muscles. The straight style scissor is usually use to cut through surface or upper layers of tissue or sutures.

What is another name for suture scissors?

Hagar scissors are a type of scissor commonly used for surgery and suturing. Surgeons will use the Hagar scissors for stitching a wound, but this type of scissor can be used for cutting as well. Needle holder is another name for these scissors.

What is the difference between surgical scissors and suture scissors?

Scissors for cutting suture materials when installing or remov- ing stitches are called suture scissors and are a type of utility scissors. Operating, or surgical scissors, come in different sizes and are used to cut soft tissue. The cutting blades can be straight, curved, blunt or pointed.

How many types of scissors are there?


Type Description/purpose
Nail scissors for cutting finger- and toenails
Moustache scissors for trimming moustaches
Nose scissors small scissors for nostril hair, blunt-ended to protect the sensitive interior of the nose (may also be used for the interior of ears)

What are spring scissors used for?

Description: Delicate scissors with curved tips and heavy blades. Uses: Spring scissors are used in microsurgery, neurosurgery, and vascular surgery in small animals.

Which scissors is most likely to be used to cut sutures?

Straight scissors are used for cutting suture (“suture scissors”), while curved scissors are used for cutting heavy tissue (e.g., fascia). Metzenbaum Scissors: Lighter scissors used for cutting delicate tissue (e.g., heart) and for blunt dissection.

What are blunt ended scissors used for?

Bandage scissors, or bandage forceps, are scissors that often have an angled tip with a blunt tip on the bottom blade. This helps in cutting bandages without gouging the skin.