What is a wax iron?

A waxing iron is a special type of heating iron used to apply wax to skis and snowboards. Before discussing types and uses of a waxing iron, it is important to understand the structure of modern skis and snowboards and why it is important to wax them.

What kind of wax is used for snowboards?

Warm rated (Red or Yellow) hydrocarbon is best above 25 F. It is a great wax to ski on but is also used for conditioning a new base and is the best wax for hot-wax-scrape-cleaning. Cold rated (Green or Blue) hydrocarbon is best below 25 F.

What angle do you tune a snowboard?

A standard edge tune is 90 degrees, though for more aggressive carving or hard snow you might opt for 89 degrees or less. (If you’re really serious about your edges you can even adjust the angle of the base edge too, though this level of precision is usually the realm of racers).

How do I tune my ski edges?

For best results, begin with a ski that is stone ground flat. Hold the ski in a vise with the base up and use a Base BEAST and an 8″ mill file to establish your base edge bevel. Begin on the far edge with extended arms and pull file toward you with 8-12″ strokes. Rotate the ski 180° in vise to work on the other edge.

How often should you wax skis?

It’s recommended you wax your skis every 5 or 6 times out. The reason being the base of your ski is very porous (similar to your skin) with lotion (wax) you’ll have a better running surface. This will allow for increased glide over all snow conditions, less leg fatigue and increased speed.

Can you over wax a snowboard?

Yes, there is. What will happen is that leaving too much wax on your snowboard will dry the base out more quickly. Some people believe that leaving wax on the base on their snowboards will make them go down the hill faster.

Does snowboard wax temp matter?

Unfortunately, warm wax is also softer and will get stripped off faster. You’re not going to ruin your board by putting on warm wax for a cold day, but you’re not going to get much benefit either. If you’re not riding spring conditions, don’t bother with warm wax.

How often should you wax your snowboard?

every 3 to 4 days
Generally, you want to hot wax your board every 3 to 4 days of riding. This ensures better glide in varying snow conditions and an overall better performance. Just make sure you’re using the right type of wax for the specific conditions.

How do you hot wax a snowboard?

Apply the Wax

  1. Power up the iron.
  2. Hold a chunk of wax against the base of the iron and let it drip onto the ski or snowboard as it melts.
  3. Place the iron on the ski or snowboard base and spread the wax over the entire base until a layer of wax coats the whole surface.

Do you wax or sharpen skis first?

Minor edge work is easy to do at home, but extensive repairs and sharpening are best done at a ski shop. Always finish up your tuning by waxing your skis. It’s also recommended that you wax your skis throughout the ski season even if you’re not doing base or edge repairs.

What is included in the demon wax blend kit?

This kit comes with Demon’s exclusive proprietary wax blends that are designed for all types of riding and snow conditions. Travel friendly iron with adjustable temperature options. Iron stores separately outside kit.

What is demon wax iron?

Temperature adjustable Demon Wax Iron with dual voltage option. Easy temperature dial adjusts from Low to High and allows for plenty of heat options to melt your wax just right. Demon waxes contain no PFC’s and are Made in USA. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How do I contact demon United for product questions?

Demon United. If you have PRODUCT QUESTIONS text 801.358.1553 and a product expert will text (text only) you back. This is for PRODUCT INQUIRIES only.