What is an office trailer called?

Construction trailers are mobile structures (trailers) used to accommodate temporary offices, dining facilities and storage of building materials during construction projects.

How big is an office trailer?

Mobile office trailers are commonly referred to as one of the following: A single-wide is generally a mobile office trailer that is 14′ wide or less. A double-wide is a mobile office trailer that is 24′ wide. A triple-wide is a mobile office trailer that is about 42′ wide.

Are office trailers insulated?

Mobile office trailers are generally insulated, but not as well as permanent structures. Depending on what time of year you intend to use the mobile office trailer, be sure to consider the heating or cooling costs.

What does a mobile office include?

A mobile office is a temporary or movable configuration of equipment and services that allows a person to function as if he is working from a permanent office. It enables workers to create a professional facade to insulate clients or customers from the transient nature of office operations.

How are office trailers powered?

Mobile Office Trailers Power Requirements The office trailers require 220 Volt, single phase, 100 amp service. Your electrician can easily provide this to the electrical panel in the trailer.

How much does a office trailer weigh?

Their 20-by-8-foot office has an approximate tare weight of 3,307 lbs., while the average tare weight of their 32-by-10-foot model is 5,622 lbs. Tare weights in the Steelclad line range from 2,425 lbs. for a 12-by-8-foot office to 7,500 lbs. for a 40-by-12-foot one.

How do you move a modular office?

Moving a modular building requires a reputable, qualified, and experienced moving company. For instance, the company should have insurance and the proper permits for transport. To make things less complicated, find a company that can disconnect the plumbing and other utilities.

What is mobile office in commerce?

Mobile commerce or M-commerce involves the use of wireless devices like mobile phones and tablets to perform commercial activities like purchasing and selling of goods, bill payments, online transactions.

What is mobile office in mop?


How do you power a mobile office?

However, power needs can vary according to the distributor, the model and especially the demands of a particular usage. Mobile offices measuring 8-feet-wide tend to employ 60-amp, 110-volt electrical systems, while 100-amp, 220-volt electricity is needed for 10- and 12-foot-wide trailers.