What is an SR latch?

An active-HIGH input SR latch is formed with two cross-coupled NOR gates and an active-LOW input latch is formed with two cross-coupled NAND gate. An SR Latch with two cross-coupled NOR gate is shown in the figure. It has two input S for SET and R for RESET and two outputs and .

What is the SR latch of NOR gate?

So we will use this truth table to understand the SR latch as when one of the input is 1 the output of the NOR gate will be 0. So when S = 0 and R =1 the output Q will be 0 because the input of NOR gate G1 is 1.

What is an invalid S-R latch?

If Q and not-Q happen to be forced to the same state (both 0 or both 1), that state is referred to as invalid. In an S-R latch, activation of the S input sets the circuit, while activation of the R input resets the circuit.

What is the state of the latch when q is 0?

The state of this latch is determined by the condition of Q. If Q is 1 the latch is said to be SET and if Q is 0 the latch is said to be RESET. This SR Latch or Flip flop can be designed either by two cross-coupled NAND gates or two-cross coupled NOR gates.

Can Verilog analyse two loops as latches?

Corrected Verilog (I’ve only got Altera & Verilog here): and a warning from the timing analyser that it analysed two combinational loops as latches. The technology view looks plausible, but you have got a problem with this coding style, which could lead to issues.

How to implement SR latch in microcontroller?

The SR latch explained here is implemented using NAND gates .1. Once you are done with coding double click “ synthesize-XST” under Processes window. If you want to see your schematic, you may select “ View RTL schematic” under synthesize-XST. 2.You will get a message – Process “Synthesize – XST” completed successfully.

What is behavioural modeling in Verilog HDL?

Behavioral Modeling is the highest level of abstraction in Verilog HDL. We can describe the circuit by just knowing how it works. Moreover, there’s additional good news! We do not need to know the logic circuit or logic equation. We just need a simple truth table.