What is Azmodan the demon of?

Azmodan, the Lord of Sin was a Lesser Evil of the Burning Hells and was the last of the Great Evils to be trapped in the Black Soulstone.

Why is tyrael mortal?

Tearing off his wings, Tyrael deliberately chose to become mortal, sacrificing his angelic essence. In doing so, Tyrael hoped to demonstrate to the High Heavens that laws could be bent for a greater good.

Who is the strongest demon in Diablo?

Prime Evils

Name Aspect Description
Diablo The Lord of Terror The Youngest of the Three, The Strongest Prime Evil and Father of Leah.
Mephisto The Lord of Hatred The Eldest of the Three, Leader of Prime Evils, Father of Lilith and Lucion.
Baal The Lord of Destruction The Most Destructive, Insidious and Ruthless of the Three.

Who is Azmodan d3?

Azmodan is a major enemy in Diablo III, appearing in at least one of the cinematics (the Black Soulstone cinematic), as well as in the game. Azmodan is the ultimate boss of Act III, where he serves as the leader of the armies invading Sanctuary through the Arreat Crater.

Is Diablo stronger than Mephisto?

Diablo is the Strongest. I can whomp on Mephisto and Baal with ease.

Does Tyrael become an angel again?

Tyrael never actually became human. Tyrael, while appearing in a form similar to that of a human, is still considered an angel by those around him, be they friend or foe. The thing however is that Tyrael is now a mortal angel.

Is Baal more powerful than Diablo?

The trio Diablo, Baal and Mephisto is more a sort of temporary alliance. The seven lords has always fought each other to be The Prime Evil, so there’s no real chain of power between them. Power speaking we saw Baal as the strongest but that’s debatable since his status was anomalous.