What is Borea?

borea m (plural borei) a cold, northerly wind.

What is the medicine megestrol used for?

Megestrol tablets are used to relieve the symptoms and reduce the suffering caused by advanced breast cancer and advanced endometrial cancer (cancer that begins in the lining of the uterus).

Does megestrol need to be refrigerated?

How should this drug be STORED? Megestrol should be stored in a cool (15 – 30°C) dry place, protected from light and well out of the reach of children. Ensure that the drug has not expired by checking the expiry date (“EXP”) shown on the outside of the package.

Who is the god of the north?

Boreas (god), Greek god of the north wind.

Who are Boreas parents?

BO′REAS (Boreas or Boras), the North wind, was, according to Hesiod (Theog. 379), a son of Astraeus and Eos, and brother of Hesperus, Zephyrus, and Notus. He dwelt in a cave of mount Haemus in Thrace. (Callim.

How safe is megestrol?

Megestrol acetate (MA) is neither safe nor effective for stimulating appetite in malnourished nursing home residents.

How long does it take for megestrol to leave your system?

The major route of drug elimination in humans is urine. When radiolabeled megestrol acetate was administered to humans in doses of 4 to 90 mg, the urinary excretion within 10 days ranged from 56.5% to 78.4% (mean 66.4%) and fecal excretion ranged from 7.7% to 30.3% (mean 19.8%).

What is megestrol acetate used for?

Megestrol ACETATE. Megestrol is used to treat loss of appetite and weight loss in people with AIDS. Improving your appetite and gaining weight may help you feel better and be more active.

What is the plasma concentration of megestrol acetate after administration?

Mean plasma concentrations of Megestrol acetate after administration of 625 mg (125 mg/mL) of Megestrol acetate oral suspension are equivalent under fed conditions to 800 mg (40 mg/mL) of Megestrol acetate oral suspension in healthy volunteers.

What are the side effects of megestrol acetate oral suspension?

Megestrol acetate oral suspension is a progesterone derivative, which may induce vaginal bleeding in women. No serious unexpected side effects have resulted from studies involving Megestrol acetate oral suspension administered in dosages as high as 1200 mg/day. In post-marketing experience, limited reports of overdose have been received.

What are the fetal effects of megestrol acetate?

Fetal Effects. Megestrol acetate may cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman. For animal data on fetal effects, see NonClinical Toxicology: Impairment of Fertility (13.1). There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women.