What is CUG plan in Airtel?

The Airtel closed user group (CUG) On the family package, family members can make calls to each other for free, based on a minimum fair usage policy of 150 minutes. However, calls made outside the CUG will be charged at normal though competitive rates.

What is Airtel 999 family plan?

Airtel Rs 999 postpaid plan gives three connections — 1 regular plus two add-on connections. It also gives 210GB data which is bifurcated into 150 + 30 +30 along with access to unlimited calls with identical streaming benefits as stated above and unlimited calls.

Is Airtel 499 family plan?

Postpaid Plans For [email protected], Buy Airtel Postpaid Family Plans.

What is Airtel 799 family plan?

The plan brings one additional family plan SIM card. The plan gives a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar VIP with access to Jio apps. The Rs 799 plan gives similar benefits with 150GB data and two additional SIM cards for family members.

How can I get Airtel CUG bill online?

How can I view and pay mobile bill online?

  1. Login to Airtel Payments Bank.
  2. Navigate to postpaid.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Select your operator.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Click on proceed.
  7. You can then view and quick pay mobile bill online.

How do you get a CUG SIM?


  1. Request letter from the company along with member list and mobile numbers, at least 10 members.
  2. Company registration document.
  3. If members don’t own Nepal Telecom’s numbers, the company can also apply for the mobile number during CUG service registration.

What is 4 free family add-on Airtel?

Airtel offers multiple postpaid plans with up to 4 family add-ons. Airtel introduced its add-on connection scheme for postpaid subscribers a while ago, allowing its customers to add a family connection to their existing plan without having to pay the full price for the second connection.

What is postpaid family plan?

Family plans under JioPostPaid Plus lets you share your data with your family members. In addition to the convenience of single bill & single payment, you also enjoy additional savings when you opt for Family Plan.

How can I activate Airtel family and friends?

If you want to register your family and friends on Airtel, all you need to do is dial the Airtel family and friends registration code: “*141*2*NUMBER# “, for example, “*141*2*08080000000#” and the number will be registered.

What is family Infinity Plan 999?

The third on the list is Family Infinity 999 Plan offered by Airtel. At a cost of Rs 999 users can get 150GB monthly data with rollover up to 200GB along with unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. With the subscription of this plan, users get 1 regular SIM and 2 free Add-on regular voice connections for family members.

How do you activate Do Not Disturb in Airtel?

DND (Do Not Disturb) For Full DND, Text STOP to 2442. To receive all messages, Text ALLOW to 2442. To check DND status, Text STATUS to 2442. To opt out of the service, SMS the word “ALLOW” to the short code 2442.

What is Airtel CUG postpaid plan?

Airtel CUG postpaid plans enable business establishments and other small industries to communicate effortlessly with all their employees. This is a much-needed factor especially during these trying times of the pandemic. Let us see what the features and benefits of Airtel CUG are.

What are the benefits of Airtel postpaid?

Get some of the best rewards and offers with your new Airtel Postpaid plans or on each bill payment of Airtel Postpaid. With the exciting Airtel Postpaid plans you get benefits such as unlimited Local, STD, and National Roaming calls.

How much is the Airtel thanks benefits plan in India?

You can evaluate the Airtel Thanks Benefits and make your decision. The plans start as low as INR 299 and go up to INR 1599. What are the requirements to get corporate sim cards?

How many Sims do you get with Airtel postpaid?

1 SIM for you. 3 SIMs FREE for your family. We know you love binge-watching! For the cricket fan in you! Your data will always be your data! Get some of the best rewards and offers with your new Airtel Postpaid plans or on each bill payment of Airtel Postpaid.