What is damiana tea good for?

To use damiana, you consume its leaves. It’s thought to increase sexual arousal and stamina in men and women. Traditionally, it’s been used for treating bladder and urinary issues. Some people like the way the herb makes them feel because of its effect on the bladder.

Where do you get damiana?

Damiana is a wild shrub that grows in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies.

How to make damiana tea?

Place 2 teaspoons of dried damiana leaves in a tea infuser or teapot. Bring a saucepan of water to boil and then pour over the leaves. Allow this mixture to steep for 15-20 minutes, then strain the tea. Add honey or a lemon wedge for flavor, if desired and enjoy the cup of hot tea with your friends and family!

What does the damiana plant look like?

A small shrub between 30 – 50cm high with small yellow flowers and small narrow leaves with serrated edges. Native to mexico Damiana likes a well drained sunny position and is happy in a rocky garden. It is an aromatic plant and was popular with the Mayans as an aphrodisiac.

Who should not take damiana?

Damiana may lower blood sugar. For this reason, it should be taken with caution in people with diabetes who take insulin or other blood-sugar–lowering drugs. Damiana should not be taken in the two weeks prior to surgery. The safety of damiana has not been established in those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How quickly does damiana work?

The women taking the supplement reported, after 4 weeks, a significant increase in sexual desire (72% more) and satisfaction with overall sex life (68% more), compared with the placebo group.

Is damiana a hallucinogen?

Damiana is a small shrub, native to Mexico, that grows in various tropical and sub-tropical regions. Ancient Mayan tribes are reported to have used the herb as an aphrodisiac and hallucinogen.

What are the effects of damiana?

Damiana suggested uses include for headache, bedwetting, depression, nervous indigestion (dyspepsia), atonic constipation, for prophylaxis and treatment of sexual disturbances, strengthening and stimulation during exertion, boosting and maintaining mental and physical capacity, and as an aphrodisiac.

Is damiana good for anxiety?

Other animal studies found that damiana might ease anxiety and lower blood sugar levels. Lab research has found that damiana may fight bacteria. One small study found that a mixture of damiana with other supplements — yerba mate and guarana — helped with weight loss.

How much damiana tea can I drink?

Damiana can be taken as a tea up to three times a day. Prepare approximately 1 teaspoon (6-12 g) of damiana dried leaves in a mug of boiling water, leave to brew for 10 minutes before drinking. You can also take it in capsule or liquid extract form.

When should I drink damiana tea?

Damiana tea is caffeine free, but soothing to the digestive system as it may relieve stress and anxiety in your life. It also keeps the body in perfect balance so you can enjoy life to its fullest. This tea can be drunk in the mornings, afternoons or evening, with or without a meal.

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