What is energy meter explain with diagram?

The basic principle of induction energy meter is electromagnetic induction. A thin disc of aluminium (or copper) is pivoted between the two Shunt and Series magnets and cuts the fluxes of both the magnets (Fig. 1). Hence two eddy currents are induced in the disc.

What are the parts of energy meter?

Driving System. The components of this system are two silicon steel laminated electromagnets.

  • Moving System.
  • Braking System.
  • Registering System.
  • Rotation of an Aluminum Disk.
  • Arrangement of Counting and Displaying the Energy Consumed.
  • What is the function of energy meter?

    The energy meter is an electrical measuring device, which is used to record Electrical Energy Consumed over a specified period of time in terms of units.

    What are the 2 types of electrical meters?

    There are 2 main types of electricity meters:

    • Analog meters: also called electromechanical meters. They have an analog display. They do not offer any connectivity.
    • Digital meters: also called electric meters. They have a digital display (LCD or LED display), they offer connectivity and some instant functionalities.

    What is the construction of energy meter?

    The energy meter has the aluminium disc whose rotation determines the power consumption of the load. The disc is placed between the air gap of the series and shunt electromagnet. The shunt magnet has the pressure coil, and the series magnet has the current coil.

    What is induction energy meter?

    The induction type energy meter consists of an aluminium disc placed between 2 electromagnets (series and shunt magnet). Series magnet has a current coil and the shunt magnet has a pressure coil. As pressure coil winding has a large number of turns of fine wire to make it highly inductive.

    What is the construction of an energy meter?

    What is energy meter calibration?

    Energy meter calibration is a process required to determine and reduce the error when the energy is measured. The errors in the energy meter can be caused by different sources like voltage transformers, current transformers errors due to phase angle, crystal oscillators, etc.

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    What are meter types?

    Common Types of Meter in Poetry

    • one foot = monometer.
    • two feet = dimeter.
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    How many types of electrical meter are there?

    Energy meters are classified into two types by taking the following factors into considerations: Types of displays analog or digital electric meter. Types of metering points: secondary transmission, grid, local and primary distribution.

    What is the difference between power meter and energy meter?

    The energy meter is used for measuring the total power consumed by the load in the industries and homes while the wattmeter is used for measuring the power of an electrical circuit. It is also used for determining the power rating of the homes and industrial appliances.