What is h05rn f cable?

HO5RN-F Harmonized cable is a light use flexible rubber insulated Neoprene jacketed electrical cable commonly used in kitchen and catering equipment, appliances, refrigerators, power tools, computers, medical devices, heaters, mobile homes, and any other medium duty electrical or electronic equipment designed for use …

What does 3183Y mean?

3183Y is a 3 core cable with 1 brown, 1 blue and 1 green & yellow cores. 3184Y is a 4 core cable with 1 brown, 1 blue, 1 grey and 1 green & yellow cores. Voltage rating: 300/500V. Temperature rating: 0 to + 60 degrees C.

What is the difference between 2183Y and 3183Y?

2183Y is a 3 Core circular 200-300V (Light Duty) flex where as 3183Y is a 3 Core Circular flex rated at 300/500v.

What is heat resistant cable?

Heat-resistant cables are used wherever technical equipment can create increased temperatures of over 100°C. This is the case, for example, in the engine compartment of cars when cables for sensors are routed past hot engine parts. Things get hotter at home in heating or ovens, in halogen lamps or in a sauna.

What is H07RN-f cable?

Our H07RN-F is a heavy-duty rubber flexible trailing cable for power supply with a voltage rating of 450/750V designed to provide high flexibility and to withstand chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses.

What does H07RN-F mean?

The definition of H07RN-F is a harmonised code according to the standard of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC) to provide a standardised specification for electrical leads: H – means conformity to harmonised standards. 07 – identifies the voltage rating as 450/750V.

What is the difference between ho5 and ho7 cable?

The H05RR-F are ideal for lightweight hand and workshop tools whilst the H07RN-F are more suitable for increasingly higher levels of stress and heavy duty equipment. Flexible chloroprene sheathed cable, heavy duty, harmonised and can be used under conditions of medium to high stresses.

What is the difference between 2182Y and 3182Y?

Standard PVC 2 Core Circular Flex 2182Y and 3182Y The two Cores are Colour Coded as a Live (Brown) and Neutral (Blue). The 3182Y has a thicker insulation than the 2182Y thus giving it a higher Voltage capacity. All our cable are BASEC approved, providing piece of mind.

How many amps can 1.5 mm Flex take?

16 Amps
1.5mm 3093Y PVC Heat Resistant (16 Amps Maximum)

What is the current rating for 1.5 mm flexible cable?

Flexible Cords, Non-Armoured

Conductor cross-sectional area Current-carrying capacity
1.25 13
1.5 16 16
2.5 25 20
4 32 25