What is half off at Sonic?

Every day from 2 to 4 p.m., get 50% off all drinks and slushes, including ice teas, soft drinks, lemonades, limeades and Ocean Water. (The offer does not include any shakes or other desserts.) If you order on Sonic’s app you can get Happy Hour pricing all the time!

Are blasts half off at Sonic?

1/2 Price Blast: *Each Blast is half price; limit 5. Tax not included. Add-Ins cost extra. Valid only on March 17, 2021 when you apply promo code BLAST online or in the SONIC® App or mention when ordering at participating SONIC® Drive-In locations while supplies last.

What is half off after 8 at Sonic?

Half-price shakes at Sonic. The fast-food restaurant “shakes up” late nights every spring and summer with its most popular deal, Sonic Nights — 50% off Sonic shakes after 8 p.m. With the deal, get a shake for roughly $1 to $3, depending on the type and size. It’s the perfect cool treat on a hot summer night.

What is the carhop Classic?

The Carhop Classic includes Sonic’s Cheeseburger, made with a 100-percent pure beef quarter-pound patty, fresh tomatoes, chopped onions and crinkle cut pickles all stacked on a toasted bakery-quality bun.

How much is a wacky pack at Sonic?

SONIC announced its new Wacky Pack! Kids Meals for $1.99. The Wacky Pack! allows the choice from a variety of entrees, sides and drinks kids love.

How much is a medium cherry limeade at Sonic?

Sonic Menu With Prices (Updated: May 2022)

Food Size Price
Signature Limeades Small $1.69
Signature Limeades Medium $1.99
Signature Limeades Large $2.29
Signature Limeades Route 44 $2.59

What is Sonic signature sauce?

Sonic signature sauce is a blend of Sonic’s honey mustard and barbecue sauces. It is sweet, smoky, and savory in taste, and yellow/orange in color. This sauce was introduced in 2018, and is best eaten with crispy tenders, or used as a dipping sauce for the menus other snacks, and sides.

What are the new shakes at Sonic?

We all scream for brownies and cake batter On March 21, Sonic announced the return of two fan-favorite milkshake flavors: brownie batter and cake batter. The brownie batter shake combines vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie batter, and brownie pieces.

What can you get with 5 dollars at Sonic?

The $5 meal includes a choice of any 6-inch Hot Dog, including the recently-introduced Bacon Lovers Chili Cheese Coneys, plus a Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger, medium Tots or fries, and a medium drink. It compares favorably with the recent 4 for $4 and 5 for $4 specials that rival burger chains are running.

What can you buy at Sonic for a dollar?

Deluxe Burger, Chicken Strip Sandwich , Jr. Fritos® Chili Cheese Wrap, Jr. Breakfast Burrito, Jr. Candy Sundae (available in four flavors – M&M’s®, Oreo®, Butterfinger® and Reese’s®), small Tots, small Fries, a small Famous Slush, a small Soft Drink, a Vanilla Cone, and a Fresh Banana.

Where is the closest Sonic Drive in?


  • Fries
  • Handmade Onion Rings
  • Soft Pretzels Twist (Order without the cheese sauce packet.)
  • Where is Sonic Drive in locations?

    There are 3,546 Sonicdrivein locations in the United States as of January 11, 2022. The state with the most number of Sonicdrivein locations in the US is Texas, with 963 locations, which is 27% of all Sonicdrivein locations in America. Due to COVID-19, some of the locations may be temporarily closed.

    Is Sonic only a drive in?

    Sonic Drive-In is offering 1/2 price cheeseburgers from 5 pm to 1/2 price Blast when you order on the app or online with the Sonic Reward. This is a one time only offer. * Get 1/2 price drinks and slushes from 2-4 pm each day at participating locations

    Does Sonic still have half price burgers on Tuesday?

    Sonic Half Price Burgers: On every Tuesday after 5 pm you can get 1/2 price Cheeseburgers when you order via Sonic mobile app. All Day Sonic Half Price Drinks & Slushes: This deal is available every day and you can get the Sonic 1/2 Price Shakes or Drinks & Slushes at time if you order via online or app.