What is Koay Kak made of?

The most basic version of Char Koay Kak is rice cake fried with dark soy sauce, chopped chai poh, and bean sprouts. Many people opt for the “extra” with egg. If you like it spicy, you can also request for the vendor to stir in a little chili paste.

How many calories are in a char KEOW teow?

Calories in Malaysian Char Kway Teow

Calories 351.3
Cholesterol 191.3 mg
Sodium 1,038.5 mg
Potassium 153.5 mg
Total Carbohydrate 37.4 g

How many calories are in a plate of rice and chicken?

Caloric Content Of Commonly-Eaten Dishes

Food Item Unit Energy (calories)
Roti Prata with Egg 1 Piece 288
Prawn Noodle Soup 1 Bowl 293
Chendol 1 Bowl 382
Chicken Rice 1 Plate 607

How many calories are in satay?


Calories 191 (798 kJ)
Protein 21.7 g 43%
Salt 1.5 g 26%
Potassium 363 mg
Cholesterol 57 mg

How many calories are in a plain rice cake?

35 calories
Nutritional Value of Rice Cakes One plain unsalted brown rice cake has: 35 calories.

Are rice cakes?

Rice cakes are a snack food similar to crackers. They’re made from puffed rice that has been packed together and shaped into circles. The most nutritious rice cakes are made from whole-grain brown rice and contain few other ingredients.

How many calories is a fish ball noodle?

Fishball Noodle – Dry (327g) – Yellow noodles with fish ball and chye sim, served with chili sauce

Kcal​ Protein (g) Saturated Fat (g)
370 19 3.3​
Dietary fibre (g)​ Carbs (g) Sodium (mg)
​3.9 55 1645​

How many calories are in pan mee?


Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 112 g (112g)
How many calories are in Pan Mee? Amount of calories in Pan Mee: Calories 410 Calories from Fat 54 (13.2%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Pan Mee? Amount of fat in Pan Mee: Total Fat 6g

Is chicken rice high in calories?

Hainanese Chicken Rice (607 calories) The chicken makes for a good source of protein (23g), but watch out for the high fat (11g) content. i Lessen the guilt by going for skinless steamed chicken instead of roasted, and make the switch to regular white rice instead.

Is chicken and rice fattening?

Eating Chicken And Rice Everyday To Lose Weight Chicken and rice are excellent components to lose weight not only because of the high-proteins and the low-calorie density but also because of the phenomenon that’s called sensory-specific satiety (source).

How many calories are in a chicken satay?

Chicken Satay Sticks (1 serving) contains 8.7g total carbs, 7.2g net carbs, 15g fat, 16.9g protein, and 237 calories.

Is chicken satay good for weight loss?

Best: Chicken Satay Satays are skewers of grilled, marinated meat. Opt for the chicken, and you’ll score a low-fat dish that’s high in protein. That can help fend off hunger and set the stage for weight loss. Satays are usually served with a spicy-sweet peanut sauce.