What is Lagna Pathirikai?

The term ‘Lagna Pathirikai’ translates to a wedding invitation in Tamil. The priest officially announces the wedding date to all the guests who are present for the nichayathartham.

What happens wedding Tamil?

The formal engagement ceremony in Tamil Weddings, sees the groom and his family arriving at the bride’s home with gifts for her such as a saree and jewellery. She is seated and an aarti is performed, and the sumangalis (married women) tie grains, betel nuts, turmeric, and coconuts in the pallu of her saree.

What is a Tamil wedding like?

In Tamil weddings, the parents of the couple are just as important as the two people making their eternal vows in front of the sacred fire. The ritual lasts around 90 minutes and is followed by a magnificent wedding feast. After the rituals are over, the fun and games begin.

What is written in Lagna Patrika?

Lagna Patrika Often, a pandit (Hindu priest) will be present to write down the details of the marriage, including the names of the engaged, their family members, and the proposed date and time of the wedding, with a red pen.

Do Tamil weddings have Haldi ceremony?

Mangala Snaanam In Tamil Wedding This ritual takes place on the dawn of the wedding day in the bride and groom’s houses respectively. Haldi, kumkum and some oil is applied on the bride and the groom before they take a purifying bath and get ready for the wedding.

What is Panthakkal?

In the presence of devotees and Hindu religious & charitable endowment (HR&CE) department officials, senior temple priests performed special poojas while setting the panthakal (wooden pole) near the Thousand Pillar Mandapam.

What is Muhurtha Kaal?

As per the priest’s instruction, relatives of the bride use manjal (turmeric) and kumkum(vermilion) on the bamboo tree at five places to keep a pottu (dot). This bamboo cane is called Muhurtha Kaal and is now erected or tied up straight.

What happens in ring ceremony?

It takes place at the bride’s house and the heads of the families from both sides take an oath to marry their children on the mentioned date. It is generally accompanied with a puja and a small feast. In Bengali traditions, the engagement ceremony does not involve exchange of rings.

What is the lagna Pathirikai?

After the engagement ceremony, the wedding date is officially announced for the guests by the family priest. The Lagna Pathirikai contains details of the bride and the groom, their families, the marriage date and time. The Lagna Pathrikai is signed by the heads of the two families

What is a lagnapatrikai?

The lagnapatrikai is supposed to clearly outline the names of the family members, the bride and the groom’s, the marriage date and the precise marriage time. This time of the wedding or the Lagna is announced in front of all the family members of both the bride’s and the groom’s side.

What is an Iyengar wedding?

What Happens & Where Though the nuances of this Tamil Brahmin Iyengar wedding ritual vary as per family traditions, the general format of the ceremony remains the same. A Vedic priest is called upon for conducting the ceremony. Earlier, it used to take place at the bride’s place, but nowadays this ritual is done in the Kalyana Mandapam itself.

What is the lagnapatrikai ritual in Tamil wedding?

Lagna Pathirikai – The ritual involves announcement of the wedding and offering verbal invitation to the wedding. The family priests after consulting the couple’s horoscopes come up with the most auspicious moment of carrying out the wedding which they formally draft in the lagnapatrikai.