What is margin plus order in Icicidirect?

A product especially designed for our intraday traders, MarginPLUS allows you to limit your losses on every position you take, and get higher leverage in equities trading, while trading intraday. With MarginPLUS, you can place two orders that simultaneously allow you to ‘book profits’ and ‘stop-losses’.

How much margin does Icicidirect give?

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Segment Trading Margin
Equity Delivery 1x (100% of trade value)
Equity Intraday 5x (Up to 20% of trade value)
Equity F&O 1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))
Currency F&O 1x (100% of NRML margin (Span + Exposure))

What is Squareoff mode?

Squaring off is a trading style that day trade investors use to make profit from the market volatility. The trader buys a number of stocks of one company and sells them off on the same day at a higher price usually, which gives the trader an amount of profit.

Can I convert margin plus order to delivery in Icicidirect?

You can convert your Margin position Buy position to delivery by going to Margin Open position page and click on CTD tab. You are required to bring in remaining amount to convert your position to delivery.

What is value plus trading?

ValuePlus is a product offered by Motilal Oswal Securities Limited to the clients, it is an intraday order placement features that allows you to take a position in select liquid commodities thereby negating the risk of position not getting closed when MTM Loss % is hit, resulting in known loss figure.

What is ValuePlus and margin plus in Motilal Oswal?

What is intraday margin in Icicidirect?

Margin Buy/Sell. Capitalize on intraday price movements with Margin Broker Mode by paying initial margins of as low as 1.5%. You can encash on daily opportunities without paying the entire amount with our Margin Broker Mode product where you can trade intraday.

Can I convert intraday to delivery?

There are no charges to convert an intraday order to a delivery order. To convert an intraday order to a delivery order, you need to have sufficient funds in your trading account to accommodate 100% of the trade value as upfront margin in case of a buy trade.

Can I convert my intraday to delivery Icicidirect?

To convert an intraday position to delivery (Cash segment), you need to click on the ‘Convert to Delivery’ (CTD) link on the ‘Margin Positions’ page. You can convert a position in full or part.

What is difference between intraday and delivery?

It’s simple. Buying and selling shares on the same day is intraday trading. And when you don’t sell your shares on the same day, your trade becomes a delivery trade.

What is margin Plus and Value Plus?

With ValuePlus, you can now enjoy the advantage of placing an intraday trade with your own trading leverage. Example: If you have a margin of Rs. 1,00,000/-, and the allowed exposure in Equity is 20 times the margin, you get to create open position of 20 lakhs in Equity.

How to boost your intraday trading with icicidirect’s margin plus?

Boost your intraday trading with ICICIdirect’s Margin Plus. You can now book your profits and cut down your losses by capitalizing on market volatility through the Margin Plus facility and get higher leverage in equities trading in your intraday trading .

What is marginplus in ICICI Direct?

Now you can with ICICIdirect.com’s MarginPLUS facility. A product especially designed for our intraday traders, MarginPLUS allows you to limit your losses on every position you take, and get higher leverage in equities trading, while trading intraday.

How do I avoid getting squared off in margin client?

If your stock price is reaching closer to the Trigger Price, it means that your position is incurring a loss and will get squared off on hitting the trigger price. To avoid squaring off of your positions, you can always Add Margin for Margin Trading positions from the Open Positions page. How is brokerage calculated on Margin Client mode?

How can I avail margin in intraday trading?

You can avail the margin by paying a small initial margin or even leverage the shares as margin facility i.e. you can use your shares as collateral to get the margin amount. Short-selling is yet another feature that you get in this intraday product.