What is Mataro Blue?

Mataro Blue is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain. Its genetics include Black Domina, Mazar I Sharif and Blue Monster. With parents like these, it’s no wonder this strain is award-winning! Mataro Blue has gorgeous buds.

What is Romulan strain?

Romulan is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing North American Indica with White Rhino. Named after the alien Star Trek race, this pine-scented strain is revered for its potent and therapeutic qualities.

What strain is great white shark?

What Is the Great White Shark Strain? Great White Shark weed is a strongly sativa-dominant hybrid and is a cross of a South Indian Sativa, a South American Sativa, and Super Skunk. The strain is also known as Peacemaker or White Shark, and was a big hit in the 1990s.

What is mango Sapphire?

Mango Sapphire is a marijuana hybrid with very well defined flavors and aromas accompanied by nuances of exotic fruits, coconut, mango and a subtle touch of sour fruit. Its soothing effect is potent and long-lasting. This marijuana seed is well worth a try. Perfect for sybarites and for medical cannabis users.

What strain is Megalodon?

Megalodon is a strain of mysterious origins thought to be a combination of White Widow, Snow White, and the Great White Shark strain. The top reported aromas of the Megalodon strain are grass, skunk, and peppery incense. Its flavors are said to be herbs, skunk, and spice.

What is renegade OG strain?

A greenhouse-grown herb from sunny Tennessee! The fresh, herbal, fruity aroma when you open the bag is catchy and intense! The taste has an earthy profile with citrus notes, slightly spicy and long lasting. This variety is of impeccable quality, and has nothing to envy its indoor sisters.

What is Glookies?

Glookies is a cannabis plant with Indica morphology, very branchy and filled with resin-packed buds. Her yielding capacity is outstanding, reaching up to 800 g/m2 indoors, and 2000-3000 g/plant when grown outdoors in optimum conditions. Glookies’ aroma is really exotic, with citrus notes of lime and hints of walnut.

What strain is Motorbreath?

Motorbreath Strain Genetics Created by Pisces Genetics, the Motobreath strain is a combination of Chemdog and San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG). Chemdog, also known as Chemdawg or Chem Dog, is purported to come from one of four seeds sprouted in 1991 by a Grateful Dead fan who went by the name of Chemdog.

How many 8ths make a zip?

One zip equals approximately 28 grams, four quarters, or eight eighths. Or, to put it bluntly, one ounce. Familiarizing yourself with what an ounce of cannabis looks like is important since many states use the measurement to determine legal possession limits.