What is meant by the term ambiguous American?

Doubtful or uncertain: “The theatrical status of her frequently derided but constantly revived plays remained ambiguous” (Frank Rich).

What is the Mexican model that Rodriguez?

The Mexican model that Rodriguez proposes America should begin to imagine is mixed races. “‘Hispanic’ is . . . a definition of the world according to European patterns of colonization.” He means that immigrants absorb the culture around them.

What does Rodriguez mean by assimilation happens line 144 )? *?

When Rodriguez says “ASSIMILATION HAPPENS” in line 144, he means that immigrants absorb the culture around them. Through the anecdote of the girl who identifies herself as “Blaxican. Rodriguez makes the point that young people think beyond traditional concepts of race.

What is the tone of the lonely good company of books?

The writer’s tone is happy, but serious since he describes his experiences about reading positively. It’s effective in conveying his point of view because it emphasizes his joy of reading books solemnly 4.

When was the lonely good company of books published?


What does bloodless as badminton mean?

reinventing America

What is the tone of paragraph 8 What words and phrases does Rodriguez use to express his tone in the paragraph?

Answer: He uses the words “multiculturalism”, “notion” “Thinking”, “mexican”, “America” and “mestizaje society”, to express an informative, argumentative and explanatory tone along these lines.

What is the claim of Blaxicans?

The claim in ‘Blaxicans’ by Richard Rodriguez is that a ethnic title such as Mexican, Chinese, etc, is purely a title given to by others and changes routinely; however, according to. Rodrigues, culture plays a bigger role on your own personal identity than ethnicity or race.

Who is the author of Blaxicans?

Richard Rodriguez

What is Richard Rodriguez known for?

Richard Rodriguez (born July 31, 1944) is an American writer who became famous as the author of Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez (1982), a narrative about his intellectual development.

How does the author support his point that comparing?

The author supports his point in saying that comparing blacks and Hispanics is “to construct a fallacious equation”, by saying that, “in Latin America, one sees every race of the world. One sees white Hispanics, one sees black Hispanics, one sees brown Hispanics who are Indians”.