What is MF HF and VHF?

The MF/HF/VHF radio stations with DSC (Digital Selective Calling) are an essential component of modern communication systems operating within the GMDSS. DSC is used for initial calling of ship and shore stations for the purpose of further communication by radiotelephone or radiotelex.

What is MF HF?

MF/HF radio station is a high tech equipment, designed for receiving and transmitting messages between vessels in the medium and high frequency range. It usually consists of a transceiver, a control block, and an antenna.

What is MF HF frequency?

MF/HF Radiotelephone Marine radiotelephone equipment normally operates between 2 – 26 MHz using single sideband emissions.

What is the purpose of MF HF transceiver?

MF/HF RT radio is often known as SSB radio. It is a transmitting-receiving system often referred to as a Transceiver (Tx/Rx), which allows the operator to either transmit or receive information by voice. MF/HF radios use SSB modulation for voice communication.

What is the MF frequency range?

Medium frequency (MF) is the ITU designation for radio frequencies (RF) in the range of 300 kilohertz (kHz) to 3 megahertz (MHz). Part of this band is the medium wave (MW) AM broadcast band. The MF band is also known as the hectometer band as the wavelengths range from ten to one hectometer (1000 to 100 m).

What is MF and LF?

LF/MF means low frequency/me- dium frequency.

How do you test MF and HF?


  1. Press the [2/DSC] key at the DSC standby screen and then push the [ENTER] knob to open the CALL TYPE menu.
  2. Rotate the [ENTER] knob to choose TEST CALL and then push the [ENTER] knob.

What is HF SSB?

High Frequency (HF) radio, often referred to in the UK and USA by the initials “SSB” (which stand for Single-Side-Band) is a type of radio that operates on specific short-wave (HF) frequencies reserved for marine use and provides voice communication over long distances.

What is the DSC distress frequency for HF 8khz?

In the 8 MHz Band, the use of Channel 833, namely 8 291 kHz, is the 8 MHz band frequency exclusively reserved for Distress and Safety traffic by the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) involving the use of COSPAS and INMARSAT satellites.

What are the uses and functions of MF HF DSC?

The MF/HF has Digital Selective Calling (DSC*) as standard with a built in Class A 6CH DSC watch-keeping receiver. You can transmit and receive digital selective calls for quick and efficient establishment of distress, urgency, safety and routine communication with other ships and coast stations.

How does a radiotelephone work?

The most common method of working for radiotelephones is half-duplex, operation, which allows one person to talk and the other to listen alternately. If a single frequency is used, both parties take turns to transmit on it, known as simplex.

What is MF and HF of radio propagation?

At medium wave and shortwave frequencies (MF and HF bands) radio waves can refract from the ionosphere. This means that medium and short radio waves transmitted at an angle into the sky can be refracted back to Earth at great distances beyond the horizon – even transcontinental distances.