What is morale in lotro?

The following are definitions of the basic player character stats in LOTRO. Morale- Morale is the amount of damage you can take before being defeated in combat. Power- Power is your inner reserve. It is used to power combat maneuvers.

What does might do lotro?

Will. Will increases a character’s Resistance Rating and ability to defend against tactical attacks. It also increases tactical damage and outgoing healing for all classes, except Captains and Wardens.

What is mitigation lotro?

From Lotro-Wiki.com. Tactical Mitigation is a Character Stat which reduces the amount of incoming damage your character takes from certain damage sources. It protects you from most attacks that are non-physical.

What is finesse lotro?

Finesse is a ratings-based stat that will directly reduce the Resistance of opponents as well as their Block/Parry/Evade ratings. This stat will appear primarily on instance/raid/pvmp loot but there will be a few pieces available with Finesse from quests and crafting.

What is virtue XP lotro?

Virtue Experience (“Virtue XP”) is used to advance a character’s Virtue Traits. It is awarded by various deeds and repeatable quests: Virtues by Region. Category:Virtue Experience Deeds.

What is Max LVL in lotro?

Level represents the experience and strength of characters, NPCs, and Mobs, friendly and enemy alike. The maximum level (or “level cap”) is 140. Each level requires an increasing amount of experience points, regardless of race or class.

How do I get a new Li lotro?

You need to unequip your old LIs first, you can’t mix old and new. If you’ve done that I don’t know what’s happening. You need to reforge the new LI at the Legendary Item vendor in Rivendell to upgrade it’s level. You only need to reforge it once (as far as I can tell).

How do you get Traceries in lotro?

Traceries can be obtained either as drops from instances/raids, as quest rewards, or via barter. Higher tier instances increase the chances of dropping a higher quality Tracery. All slottable Traceries can be bartered for in Gobeth Teithian, the Archive of Traceries in the Last Homely House in Rivendell.

What is tactical mastery lotro?

Tactical Mastery modifies the amount of damage your skills do, as well as how much healing you do. Critical Rating modifies your chance to critically hit your target. (If you critically hit your target, you do significantly higher damage.)

How do you level up virtues in lotro?

The standard way to get virtue xp is to complete deeds. Exploring landscapes, killing mobs or completing quests in each area will net you 2000 xp per deed with a some bonus xp if you complete the meta deeds (do all required deeds in a region). The first levels require 1000 xp and the higher levels 3000.

What is virtue lotro?

Virtues are a type of trait that characters can gain in Lotro. Virtues grant bonuses to stats and are an important part of improving your character. Each Virtue grants bonuses to 3 different stats.

Can you have multiple characters in LotRO?

Players may have up to maximum 46 characters per server per account.

What does agility do for Beornings?

For Beornings, Burglars, Hunters, and Wardens, Agility also increases Ranged weapon damage. For Wardens, Agility also increases the damage of tactical skills and healing. For details on how Agility contributes to stats for each class, see Character Stat Derivations.

What are the benefits of having high agility?

It also improves your chance to critically hita foe. For Medium Armourclasses (Burglars, Huntersand Wardens) and Beornings, Agility also increases physical damage. For details on how Agility contributes to stats for each class, see Character Stat Derivations. Vitality

What are the different stat ranks of agility?

 Agility: Rank 4  Tome of Agility 5  Agility: Rank 5 Purchase or Drop individually or Select from Stat Tome Box  Tome of Agility 6  Agility: Rank 6  Tome of Agility 7  Agility: Rank 7

What is morale in Lotro?

Morale is the equivalent of “health”, “hit points”, or “HP” in other games, and is roughly commensurate with the amount of pain the character can suffer before being defeated. In LOTRO, characters never die, that is, they are never killed, only defeated.