What is normal D-dimer UK?


D-Dimer (ng/mL FEU)
Adult (>16 years) <500
Paediatric (11-16 years) 160-390
Paediatric (6-10 years) 100-560
Paediatric (1-5 years) 90-530

What is the normal range of D-dimer?

A normal D-dimer is considered less than 0.50. A positive D-dimer is 0.50 or greater. Since this is a screening test, a positive D-Dimer is a positive screen. [4][5][6][7] There is not necessarily a critical level for a D-dimer.

What is a high D-dimer level UK?

Reference Ranges If D-dimers are used in conjunction with clinical scoring: For DVT: <500ng/ml: Negative. >500ng/ml:Positive. For PE: Consider following Trust guidance on age related D Dimers: Patient aged <50: >500ng/ml: Positive.

What is considered a very high D-dimer?

Very high D-dimer level was defined as 100 times above the cutoff point, i.e. equal to or greater than 50 mg/L FEU. We analyzed the results of the 1,053 samples, reviewed the history of the patients with very high D-dimer through the hospital computer system, and found out the causes producing very high D-dimer.

What is D-dimer NHS?

D-dimer in the blood is a clotting indicator which is measured in the diagnosis of DVT. The usual D-dimer blood test is carried out on blood taken from an arm vein.

What is D-dimer test UK?

The D-dimer test is the blood test used by the doctors to identify if a severe blood clot is present. It is extremely helpful when the doctor suspects a blood clot in the lungs or within the veins of the pelvis or in the leg.

How high is D-dimer in PE?

Our center defines high D-dimer levels as >1.3 µg/ml, but the ROC curve analysis suggested that 1.9 µg/ml was the optimal threshold for the diagnosis of PE in our patient sample.

How high is D-dimer in DVT?

High plasma D-dimer level >2.0 μg/ml was found in 68% of patients with DVT and 45% without DVT (P < 0.05). Therefore, high D-dimer level greater than 2.0 μg/ml showed 68% sensitivity, 55% specificity, 60% accuracy, 50% positive predictive rate and 72% negative predictive rate in the detection of early DVT after TKA.

How much is ad dimer test UK?

Blood test for Full Blood Count, Anaemia profile and More!

Test title [requirements] Test use [click to reveal] Price (plus admin fee above) When do I get my result? (Approximately)
D-Dimer Deep vein thrombosis or Pulmonary embolus £51.00 (1 day)
Thrombotic Risk Profile Thrombosis £355.00 (3 days)