What is quantification in supply chain management?

Quantification is the process of estimating quantities and costs of medicines and health products required for a specific period and determining when shipments of the products should be delivered to ensure an optimal and uninterrupted supply.

What is drug quantification?

Quantification involves estimating the quantities of specific medicines or supply items needed for a procurement. Most quantification exer- cises also estimate the financial requirements to purchase the medicines.

What are the steps of quantification?

STEPS IN QUANTIFICATION The three basic steps are preparation, forecasting, and supply planning.

What is adjusted consumption method?

Adjusted Consumption means the product of Actual Consumption multiplied by the Loss Factor multiplied by (1 minus the Marginal Loss De-ration Factor).

What are the methods used in quantification of drugs?

The most frequently used method for quantification is liquid chromatography coupled to different detectors such as mass spectrometer or UV detector. The LC-MS/MS methods are considered as most appropriate for determination of drugs and their metabolites and are also best suited for high throughput analysis.

What is the importance of quantification?

Quantification saves time, helps in making sense and analyzing large datasets, and facilitates large-scale research, planning, managing, and decision-making. In light of these advantages, some scholars believe that every aspect of the social world can, and in fact should be quantified.

What are methods of quantification?

How do you calculate average monthly drug use?

Average monthly consumption (AMC) is a key measure in any max-min system. AMC is calculated by totaling the quantity of medicine dispensed over the last three or four months and dividing this total by the number of months of data used.

What is the average monthly consumption?

Average monthly consumption can be calculated using the sum of quantities used or distributed over a period of time, normally 12 months. Average monthly consumption, adjusted for stock-outs (CA), is defined as the average number of units used per month.

How do you detect metabolites?

Among them, mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, and Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy are the most commonly employed. MS offers quantitative analysis of metabolites with high sensitivity and selectivity and potential to identify metabolites.

What are the 2 types of quantification?

There are two types of quantifiers: universal quantifier and existential quantifier.

What is bacterial quantification?

CFU determination is the conventional method to quantify bacteria, but only detects those that are able to grow on specific solid media, which excludes the detection of unculturable live, inactive or damaged bacterial cells [30],[31]. Therefore, CFU counting tends to undercount the actual number of the bacteria.