What is RadioShack radio?

The platform will allow customers to exchange and freely swap existing cryptocurrency tokens for a token called RADIO through the new platform. In the 1970’s RadioShack had a new headquarters “Tandy Towers” built in downtown Fort Worth on Throckmorton St.

What happened to RadioShack and Target Mobile kiosks?

RadioShack then attempted a joint venture with Target to deploy mobile telephone kiosks in 1,490 Target stores by April 2011. In April 2013, RadioShack’s partnership with Target ended and the Target Mobile in-store kiosks were turned over to a new partnership with Brightstar and MarketSource.

What happened to RadioShack de Mexico?

In June 2015, Grupo Gigante repurchased 100 percent of RadioShack de Mexico, including stores, warehouses, and all related brand names and intellectual properties for use within Mexico, from the U. S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware for US$31. 5 million. The chain had 247 stores in Mexico at the time of the sale.

What happened to Radio Shack in Egypt?

Delta RS for Trading, as Radio Shack Egypt, had opened its first Radio Shack franchised store in 1998 in Nasr City. By March 2003, Radio Shack Egypt had 65 company-operated stores plus 15 sub-franchised stores. In 2017, the Egyptian government accused Radio Shack Egypt and its parent Delta RS in aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.

What happened to Radio Shack realistic?

RadioShack sold more mobile phones than Walmart, Circuit City and Best Buy combined. RadioShack had not made products under the Realistic name since the early 1990s. Support for many of Radio Shack’s traditional product lines, including amateur radio, had ended by 2006.

What do you think about Radio Shack AM/FM headphones?

My life is enriched with my new Radio Shack AM / FM headphones. I am blessed. Great product. Thank you radioshack! This unit has excellent sound qualities, and protects my ears from nasty Montana weather.

What happened to the RadioShack house brands?

Most of the RadioShack house brands had been dropped when Tandy divested its manufacturing facilities in the early 1990s; the original list included: Realistic (stereo, hi-fi and radio), Archer (antenna rotors and boosters), Micronta (test equipment), Tandy (computers), TRS-80 (proprietary computer), ScienceFair (kits), DuoFone.

Are there any RadioShack stores within 50 miles?

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