What is serial analysis of gene expression?

Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) requires the isolation of mRNA and the generation of cDNA from which unique small sequences (∼14 bp), or tags, are generated using restriction enzyme digestion.

What are the new methods of gene analysis?

Owing to this reason, researchers were restricted with a limited number of gene studies, and to overcome this situation, multiple new methods are developed to enhance the analysis of large quantities of genes. These new methods include a differential display, serial analysis of gene expression, and DNA/oligonucleotide microarrays.

How are gene-specific primers used to verify expression in Toxa P shumwayaestrains?

These gene-specific primers were then used to verify expression in ToxF and ToxA P. shumwayaestrains by amplification of L1Y-ligated cDNA 3′-end fragments, using the PCR protocol described above. TABLE 1. PCR primers used in this study

How to measure gene expression at the mRNA level?

To test this hypothesis, the precise measurement of gene expression is essential. Several methods, including serial analysis of gene expression, oligonucleotide and cDNA microarrays, and large-scale sequencing of expressed sequence tags, have been developed to globally and quantitatively measure gene expression at the mRNA level.

Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) was developed in the early 1990s to detect and quantify mRNA in a sample of interest by utilizing small tags that correspond to fragments of those transcripts (Velculescu et al., 1995 ).

What is sage analysis of gene expression?

Serial analysis of gene expression, or SAGE, is an experimental technique designed to gain a direct and quantitative measure of gene expression. The SAGE method is based on the isolation of unique sequence tags (9-10 bp in length) from individual mRNAs and concatenation of tags serially into long DN …

How does gene expression determine the characteristics of an organism?

The characteristics or the functions of an organism and its body organs are determined by the expression of genes in his genome. So the analysis and the observation of gene expression and the extent of gene expression are helpful to understand the characteristics of the organism.

What is polony multiplex analysis of gene expression?

Kim et al. developed a technology named Polony Multiplex Analysis of Gene Expression, which blends polony amplification and a sequence-by-ligation method, to sequence 14-base tags ( Kim and Porreca, 2007 ). Up to 5 million polonies can be sequenced in parallel.