What is Shimano XT equivalent to?

SRAM GX Eagle groupset
The SRAM GX Eagle groupset is a worthy contender to Shimano’s XT, offering similar performance to 12-speed options. It’s designed to be lightweight, reliable and suitable for all trail types.

Is XT better than Deore?

Thanks to its levers, the Deore XT operates smoother and faster and since the price difference is minimal, you should go for the greater product. The XT bests Deore in terms of weight, 148 grams versus 162, in the case of the top swing 3×10 version, even though the prices are even closer, of 30 and 22 euros.

Is there a difference between Deore XT and XT?

Deore XT carries the big advantage of having the Shadow Plus technology (link), unlike the Deore which in the best case has the Shadow compact design. Simply put, the XT works faster, more accurately, more silently and doesn’t need regular service for adjustement.

Are XT cranks good?

XT cranks are very stiff and direct from the first pedal stroke, and our experience is you simply don’t ever bend them, strip a thread or rip the pedal eyelet out, so durability is superb. The latest finish is better than previous generations, but it still scours off more quickly than we’d prefer.

Is Shimano XT good?

The Deore XT 2020 groupset is a confident update to an already great product. With its huge range and 12-speed gearing, it’s shifting is market-leading, yet it sits at a reasonable price for the level of performance and weight. In short, it’s one of the best examples of mountain bike drivetrains.

What is the best Shimano drivetrain?


  • Shimano SLX is also a killer value and sees a bit of weight savings over the cheaper Deore groupset.
  • Shimano XT is often considered the standard in mountain bike drivetrain options.
  • Shimano XTR is the top of the line option, not only saving the most weight, but in many opinions, looking the best as well.

What is the difference between M8100 and M8120?

For lighter trail riding, the WH-M8100-TL aluminum wheels feature straight pull spokes and 24mm rims. The WH-M8120 pairs an extra wide-flange hub with an offset rim to create a zero-dish wheel.

Is Shimano XT worth it over SLX?

With the new Shimano SLX and XT 12-speed drivetrains, the Japanese brand is back in the races. The wide gear range and the fast and super smooth shifting convinced us. Compared to the SLX, the new XT feels more crisp and of slightly more high-end quality. However, the price will show if it’s really worth the upgrade.