What is the anterior commissure?

The anterior commissure (also labeled ac) is a large bundle of crossing fibers, which connects the olfactory bulb and parts of the cerebrum to the same areas on the opposite side.

What are commissures in the brain?

Commissural fibers of the brain, also known as commissural tracts of the brain or commissures are a type of white matter tract that cross the midline, connecting the same cortical area in opposite hemispheres (right-left hemispheric connections 3).

What are the anterior and posterior commissure?

The anterior commissure connects the olfactory bulbs, amygdaloid nuclei, and the medial and inferior temporal lobes. The posterior commissure fibers connect areas in the occipital lobes, primarily areas concerned with pupillary response and eye movement control.

What is anterior commissure of larynx?

Background: The anterior commissure (AC) of the human larynx is usually understood as an area of the glottis anteriorly situated between the two vocal folds inserting to the thyroid cartilage (TC).

What travels in the anterior commissure?

Anterior commissure This commissural pathway mainly interconnects the regions of the two cerebral hemispheres concerned with the olfactory pathway such as the olfactory bulb, the anterior olfactory nucleus, the piriform cortex, the entorhinal area, the anterior perforated substance, and the amygdaloid complex.

Where is the anterior commissure located in the brain?

third ventricle
The anterior commissure is located in the anterior wall of the third ventricle at the upper end of the lamina terminalis. It runs across the midline in front of the anterior columns of the fornix, above the basal forebrain and beneath the medial and ventral aspect of the anterior limb of the internal capsule.

What is the function of posterior commissure?

The posterior commissure is the inferior lamina or stalk of the pineal gland and is important in language processing and connects the language processing centres of both cerebral hemispheres. It is closely related in function to the splenium of the corpus callosum, and injury to it may lead to disorders such as alexia.

What is transverse commissure?

The commissural fibers or transverse fibers are axons that connect the two hemispheres of the brain. In contrast to commissural fibers, association fibers connect regions within the same hemisphere of the brain, and projection fibers connect each region to other parts of the brain or to the spinal cord.

Where is anterior commissure larynx?

Where is the posterior commissure?

The posterior commissure (also known as the epithalamic commissure) is a rounded band of white fibers crossing the middle line on the dorsal aspect of the rostral end of the cerebral aqueduct. It is important in the bilateral pupillary light reflex. Sagittal cross-section of the human brain.