What is the area under a sin curve?

Answer: The area bounded by the curve y = sin(x) and the x-axis between x = 0 and x = π/2 is 1. c) Set the limits of integration as: Lower Limit = – π/2 and Upper Limit = π/2. Answer: The area bounded by the curve y = sin(x) and the x-axis between x = – π/2 and x = π/2 is 0.

How do you calculate the area under a curve?

The area under a curve between two points is found out by doing a definite integral between the two points. To find the area under the curve y = f(x) between x = a & x = b, integrate y = f(x) between the limits of a and b. This area can be calculated using integration with given limits.

How much area is underneath one hump of the sine function?

2 square units
So the area under one hump of the graph of sin(x) is simply 2 square units.

What is the graph of sinx?

Graph of sin x is a periodic function with period 2π. So we will draw the graph of y = sin (x) in the interval of [0,2π]. The graph of sine looks like this.In order to draw the graph of y=sin(x) we will use the following steps : 1) Draw a Y-axis with 0,1,-1 …on it.

What does area under the curve tell you?

What is the area under the curve? The area under the curve is defined as the region bounded by the function we’re working with, vertical lines representing the function’s bounds, and the $\boldsymbol{x}$-axis.

How do you know if a phase shift is positive or negative?

If b>0 , the phase shift is negative. If b<0 , the phase shift is positive. For this argument type, the horizontal stretch/shrink is applied first; this doesn’t move the original curve’s starting point. Then, the curve is shifted right/left.

What does Sinx equal to?

We can say that sin x = sin(x + 360◦). We say the function is periodic, with periodicity 360◦. Sometimes we will want to work in radians instead of degrees. If we have sin x in radians, it is usually very different from sin x in degrees.

What is a good value for AUC?

The area under the ROC curve (AUC) results were considered excellent for AUC values between 0.9-1, good for AUC values between 0.8-0.9, fair for AUC values between 0.7-0.8, poor for AUC values between 0.6-0.7 and failed for AUC values between 0.5-0.6.

What is the area of the circle under the sine curve?

For unit circle the area is pi but when integrate to find the area under sine curve it become 4. How it become changed? Right, the area of a unit circle is pi.

What does the half of a circle above the x-axis represent?

If you look just the half of the circle above the x-axis, what you are looking at is essentially the graph of the function that gives the height of points on a circle as a function of their x-coordinates.

What is the symmetrical SiNx from 0 to Pi?

integral sinx from 0 to pi =2*1 = 2 sq units as symmetrical. Right. The student knew how to compute this using integration, but was surprised that the answer comes out to be an integer and wanted an explanation for the fact.