What is the biggest county jail in Georgia?

Georgia State Prison, located in unincorporated Tattnall County outside of Reidsville, is the main maximum security facility in Georgia. The historic prison houses approximately 1,550 inmates and is one of the region’s largest emplyers. The prison was designed by Tucker amd Howell and opened in 1937.

How many county prisons are in Georgia?

The Division oversees the custody of state offenders by contract in: 4 private prisons. 21 county prisons.

How many jails are in Georgia?

183 jails
Georgia has 183 jails in 159 counties.

How do I find someone in jail in Georgia?

You can search for offenders currently serving in Georgia Department of Corrections facilities across the state using an online database. Adult offenders can be searched by name, ID or case number, age, and other identifying information. For offenders in county jail, visit the county’s website.

What prisons in Georgia are private?

Private Prison Companies

  • North Georgia Detention Center in Gainesville, GA.
  • Jenkins Facility in Millen, GA.
  • Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, GA.
  • Wheeler Correctional Facility in Alamo, GA.
  • McRae Correctional Facility in McRae, GA.
  • Coffee Correctional Facility in Nicholls, GA.

What city has the biggest county jail?

The Largest Jails in the United States

Rank Jail Name Location
1 Los Angeles County Los Angeles, California
2 Rikers Island New York, New York
3 Harris County Jail Houston, Texas
4 Cook County Jail Chicago, Illinois

How many private prisons are in Georgia?

The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) currently has contracts with two private prison companies, CoreCivic and the GEO Corporation. Combined, these facilities are contracted to house 7,974 offenders in four (4) private facilities.

What prisons in Georgia are closing?

REIDSVILLE, Ga. (WSAV) – The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) is shuttering its historic prison in Tattnall County. Constructed in 1937, Georgia State Prison is said to be the state’s main maximum-security facility housing approximately 1,530 inmates.

Which Ga prisons are closing?

Who is over Ga prisons?

Timothy C. Ward was appointed by Governor Brian P. Kemp as the Commissioner for the Georgia Department of Corrections on February 18, 2019.