What is the child protection policy in the Philippines?

Article 15, Section 3 states that the Government must defend “the right of children to assistance, including proper care and nutrition and special protection from all forms of neglect, abuse, cruelty, exploitation and other conditions prejudicial to their development.”

What is the child protection policy?

A safeguarding or child protection policy statement makes it clear what your organisation or group will do to keep children safe. It should set out: your organisation’s commitment to protecting all children.

What DepEd order is child protection policy?

DEPED RESPONSES  DepEd launched its Child Protection Policy on May 3,2012, through DepEd Order No. 40,s. 2012, to promote a zero-tolerance policy for any act of child abuse, exploitation, violence, discrimination, bullying and other related offenses.

What is Republic Act 9262 in the Philippines?

RA 9262 acknowledges that women who have retaliated against their partner or who commit violence as a form of self-defense may have suffered from Battered Woman Syndrome (BWS). Any victim who suffers from BWS should be diagnosed by a Psychiatric expert or a clinical psychologist.

Why is it important to have a child protection policy?

Inadequate care and protection violates children’s rights 3 Together, these agreements represent an obligation to ensure that girls and boys are free from abuse, neglect and exploitation, and that all children grow up safe and protected within families.

What is the importance of child protection?

An efficient protection is essential to the children’s well-being because, as vulnerable people, they are more exposed to problems of mistreatment, exploitation, discrimination and violence.

What are the 6 principles of child safeguarding?

First introduced by the Department of Health in 2011, but now embedded in the Care Act, these six principles apply to all health and care settings.

  • Empowerment. People being supported and encouraged to make their own decisions and informed consent.
  • Prevention.
  • Proportionality.
  • Protection.
  • Partnership.
  • Accountability.

What is DepEd 40 S 2012 child protection policy?

40, s. 2012, which promotes zero-tolerance policy for any act of child abuse, exploitation, violence, discrimination, bullying and other related offenses.

What is a child protection committee?

This committee is responsible for championing the safeguarding agenda for children and young people. It advises on matters relating to child protection – preventing violence, exploitation and abuse against children.

What is a situation analysis on child protection in the Philippines?

A situation analysis on Child Protection in the Philippines commissioned by the Save the Children Child Protection Initiative (CPI ) that could be used to guide the development of child protection interventions under CPI’s priority areas, which include: Children without appropriate care; Child protection in emergencies; and Child labour.

What do we do to protect children in the Philippines?

We work with the government at national and local levels to pass and implement laws and policies that will protect children from all forms of violence. We are influencing the Philippine Congress to pass a law that would protect children from physical and humiliating punishment, and promote positive discipline.

What is UNICEF doing in the Philippines to protect children?

To achieve this, UNICEF is working with the Philippine government and civil society partners to: Establish child protection laws and policies based on international standards Improve the implementation of laws and actions that prevent and respond to violence against children at the national and community levels, including in humanitarian situations

What is the violence against children in the Philippines?

According to a national study on violence against children (2016), 80% of Filipino children have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime. This includes physical and psychological violence, sexual violence, bullying, exploitation, and violence in the internet.