What is the difference between FT-991 and FT-991a?

Simply put, the FT-991a is the upgraded version of the older FT-991 from Yaesu. The FT-991 was created to be an all-band transceiver (MF/HF/VHF/UHF bands) with a digital screen. The FT-991a retains all of this capability as well as the same multi-mode operation and digital modes.

Does the FT-991a have a built in tuner?

The FT-991 Comes in a compact, lightweight package suitable for portable, mobile and base installations. Measuring 8.8″(W) x 3″ (H) x 9.9″ (L) at just 9.7 pounds this robust full featured mobile/portable radio is ready to go when and where you are! Internal High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner included in the package.

When did the FT-991a come out?

The new FT-991A will be avaliable October 2016. Coming Soon will be an optional FT-991 Hardware Upgrade Program that will upgrade the original FT-991 currently owned by users to include the new Dynamic Real-Time Spectrum Scope and Multi-Colour Waterfall Display.

Is Yaesu Made in Japan?

Yaesu Musen acquired the STANDARD radio equipment brand from Marantz Japan in 1998 and changed the company name to Vertex Standard Co., Ltd….Yaesu (brand)

Type Private
Industry Electronics
Founded 1959 in Yaesu, Chūō, Tokyo, Japan
Founder Sako Hasegawa
Headquarters Tokyo , Japan

Does a Yaesu FT-991 have an antenna tuner?

What is an automatic antenna tuner?

The purpose of an automatic antenna tuner (auto-tuner) is to transform (match) a complex load impedance to 50Ω resistive, and to maintain the matched condition automatically as the operating frequency and load impedance vary.

Do antenna tuners reduce power?

Antenna tuners are used almost universally with solid-state transmitters. Without an ATU, in addition to reducing the power radiated by the antenna, the reflected current can overheat transformer cores and cause signal distortion. In high-power transmitters it may overheat the transmitter’s output amplifier.