What is the fees of ice acting school?

The Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE) has a fees of Rs 2 lakh for the entire full-time acting course.

Who is the owner of Institute of Creative Excellence?

About Us. ICE (The Institute of Creative Excellence) is an ambition by Ekta Kapoor aspired at concocting and harnessing new talent in the field of Media & Entertainment.

Is ice Balaji good?

ICE Balaji is a great platform This is one of the finest film schools in India. Majorly due to the infrastructure availabile in Balaji Telefilms studio. Doing a course here is like a direct entry into Ekta Kapoor’s serials and movies! ICE Balaji is really a great platform for upcoming artists to enter the industry.

How do I audition for Balaji Telefilms?

How do I Audition for Balaji Telefilms?

  1. First, go to www.balajitelefilms.com/hoonur.php.
  2. Register FREE account on hoonur.com.
  3. Create Portfolio on hoonur.com.
  4. After that click on create portfolio button.
  5. Upload photos and videos on hoonur.com.

How can I get admission in ice Balaji Telefilms?

All applicants who wish to join must be 10th and/or 12th pass school pass(With exception to Kids Learning Programs for young Stars in the Making). Incase of VFX, Script Writing, Editing, Sound Effects or Digital based courses then computer knowledge is also required.

Do actors need a degree?

A college education is not required to become an actor, but many performers benefit from more formal training. Classes might include production, dance, history, and acting, which all serve as a strong foundation for work you might encounter down the line.

What is creative excellence?

How would you define “Creative Excellence”? Andy: Creative Excellence is delivering great ads that match what someone is searching for. On a practical level, there is an optimization approach that drives improved performance for search campaigns and is made up of three components: More ads per ad group (at least 3)

How do I start an acting career in TV serials?

If you want to learn how to audition for a tv serial, follow these steps to help you get and complete an audition:

  1. Pose for a professional headshot.
  2. Consider hiring an agent or an acting guild.
  3. Find open casting calls in your area.
  4. Develop your professional network.
  5. Practice for your audition.
  6. Pick a comfortable outfit.

How do I contact Balaji Telefilms?

Company Facts – Balaji Telefilms

  1. Tel: 022-40698000.
  2. Fax: 022-40698181.
  3. Email: [email protected].
  4. Website: http://www.balajitelefilms.com.
  5. Group: Not Applicable.

What is the fees of acting school in Mumbai?


Course Fees (Full Payment) Fees (in Installment)
Diploma in Acting Rs 225,000 Rs 237,000
Film & Theatre Acting Course (1 Month) Rs 25,000 Not available
Young Actors Training Programme (1 Month) Rs 12,500 Not available
Personal Acting Workshop On Request On Request