What is the function of the splenius capitis?

Splenius capitis assists in supporting the head in the erect position. Acting unilaterally: lateral flexion of the head and neck and rotation the head to the same side (when working synergistically with sternocleidomastoid).

What is action of splenius muscle?

The function of the splenius cervicis is to coordinate the position of the head and neck during various body movements, such as standing up from a sitting position. It does so by producing the lateral flexion, rotation and extension of the neck.

What does the splenius cervicis muscle do?

Description. Musculus splenius cervicis is one of the deep (or intrinsic) muscles of the cervical and thoracic spine. Its fibres run superiorly and laterally. It assists in ipsilateral cervical side flexion and rotation, when both splenius cervicis muscles contract they extend the cervical spine.

Which of the following is an action of the splenius capitis?

Splenius Capitis: Action

Movement of Neck/Head Description of Movement
Extension Tilting or bending the neck and head backward, such as when you are looking straight up.
Lateral flexion Bending the neck and head to one side, such as when you try to touch your ear to your shoulder.

What are the functions of splenius capitis and semispinalis capitis?

Therefore, splenius capitis acts as a shaker of the head. Other muscles that extend and rotate the head include semispinalis capitis and semispinalis cervicis, which also flex the head laterally. The superior portion of trapezius also acts as a lateral flexor of the neck.

How does splenius capitis feel?

Place one finger on your sternocleidomastoid, rotate your neck to the opposite site and feel this muscle contracting. Then, move your finger slightly – maybe 1 cm – towards your spine until you feel a tiny well – not deeper than 0.5 cm –. Now you can palpate the splenius capitis.

Why does my splenius capitis hurt?

Splenius Capitis Syndrome is a common and painful pain syndrome, first discussed in the 1980s. The pain is often onset by motor vehicle trauma, blunt trauma, a fall, or postural situations where inferior and superior lateral oblique head movements occurred.

What is the main function of the semispinalis capitis?

Regarding function, semispinalis capitis assists obliquus capitis superior, splenius, trapezius, rectus capitis posterior major and rectus capitis posterior minor muscles to extend the head, cervical and thoracic spines.

What is the function of the semispinalis capitis?

The semispinalis capitis is a long, thin muscle that is located at the back of the neck, on both sides of the spinal column. This muscle has several different functions, which include: Neck extension: bending the neck backward, such as when you look at the ceiling above your head.

How do I know if I have splenius capitis?

The symptoms can feel similar to a migraine headache, and pain may be present at various sites: Pain at the rear of the head. Headache at the temples. Headache and pressure behind they eye.

What muscle is deep to splenius capitis?

The splenius capitis is deep to sternocleidomastoideus at the mastoid process, and to the trapezius for its lower portion. It is one of the muscles that forms the floor of the posterior triangle of the neck.