What is the HMON model?

HMON which stands for Hurricanes in a Multi-scale Ocean-coupled Non-hydrostatic model is a new Hurricane forecast system running operationally at NCEP.

How does a WRF model work?

WRF features two dynamical (computational) cores (or solvers), a data assimilation system, and a software architecture allowing for parallel computation and system extensibility. The model serves a wide range of meteorological applications across scales ranging from meters to thousands of kilometers.

What is the CMC model?

The Global Environmental Multiscale Model (GEM), often known as the CMC model in North America, is an integrated forecasting and data assimilation system developed in the Recherche en Prévision Numérique (RPN), Meteorological Research Branch (MRB), and the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC).

How accurate is the CMC model?

This model is only really accurate inside of 48-60 hours, which is when it is used most, and also can overdo snowfall or rainfall with storm systems. However, its higher resolution makes it quite accurate when inside 48 hours, when it gets weighted heavily in forecasts.

How do I view a WRF file?

How to open a WRF file. You can open and play a WRF file in Cisco WebEx Player (Windows, Mac). To do so, download, install, and open WebEx Player, and then select File → Open… from the program’s menu bar. Then, navigate to and open your WRF file.

How install WRF on Windows?

Download, Unzip And Run WRF Portal from command line Simply download the wrf-portal. zip file into a directory of your choosing (e.g. c:\wrf-portal or /home/wrf-portal) and unzip it. Then run “runWRFPortal. bat” (under Windows) or “runWRFPortal” to launch the program.

How accurate is Geps model?

Over the past 90 days, the European Model has averaged an accuracy correlation of 0.929. That’s pretty good at five days in the future.

How to run WRF-portal on Windows?

Then run “runWRFPortal.bat” (under Windows) or “runWRFPortal” to launch the program. Non-Windows users will have to execute “chmod +x runWRFPortal” to make the script executable. After that, you can place a shortcut to wrf-portal on your desktop. Note that WRF Domain Wizard is imbedded inside WRF Portal.

What is the latest version of the WRF model?

The WRF model has been updated to Version 4.1.4 on February 12, 2020. Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Yali Wu (NCAR MMM), Kyo-Sun Lim (Kyungpook National University), Sooya Bae (KIAPS) and Yago Riveiro (Air Quality and Odor Management – AQOM) for their contributions to this release.

What compilers are used in WRF?

With this modification, the WRF code now builds and runs with newer GNU compilers (starting to become important with Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008 constructs used inside the model) but still using the default installed libraries on the small desktop Linux machines (where the libs are built with GNU 4.8-ish).

How many MPI processes can the WRF model use?

The WRF model is now able to use > 9999 MPI processes. Users will notice that the file names are modified for jobs requesting > 9999 MPI processes.