What is the landing speed for a Beechcraft Baron?

Descent to around 500 feet AGL while landing Advice that you want to land with landings flaps (full flaps) at 85 knots IAS.

What is the landing speed of a Baron 58?


Maximum Cruise Speed 202 ktas (374 km/h)
Landing Distance 2,490 ft (759 m)
Ground Roll 1,440 ft (439 m)
Service Ceiling 20,688 ft (6,306 m)
Maximum Climb Rate 1,700 fpm (518 mpm)

What does skyline Baron pilot do for a living?

She owns a Baron 58TC and is currently working to obtain her commercial multi-engine certification–she jokingly calls herself her husband’s private pilot. Valerie has a rad Youtube channel called Skyline Baron Pilot where she shares her flight experiences.

Is the Baron hard to fly?

While it’s true that even the largest planes get grounded at times, the Baron can fly in conditions that the Bonanza simply can’t handle. In fact, a normally aspirated B55 or 58 can fly through more than 90% of weather conditions, while a turbocharged 58P performs even better.

How far can a Beechcraft Baron fly?

The Baron G58 is powered by two Continental IO-550-C engines with 300 hp. These engines proved the aircraft a maximum range of 650 nm, as well as a maximum speed of 200 knots and a service ceiling of 20,688 ft.

Does Beechcraft still make the baron?

The Beechcraft Baron is a light, twin-engined piston aircraft designed and produced by Beechcraft, introduced in 1961. A low-wing monoplane developed from the Travel Air, it remains in production….Beechcraft Baron.

Produced 1961–present
Number built 6,884+
Developed from Beechcraft Travel Air

Is a G58 Baron pressurized?

The Baron 58P and 58TC Powered by two Continental TSIO-520-L’s with 375 HP apiece, the Baron 58P has a service ceiling of 25,000 feet and features all of the creature comforts of the classic Baron 58. The Baron 58TC is simply a non-pressurized variant of the 58P, with 310 HP engines.

Did Baron pilot get married?

“Although I reconciled with myself that a career as a pilot was out of my reach, I knew I could still fly. So became committed to building a career that would allow me to afford my life’s passion.” After earning a degree in television production, he got married and started a family.

Who is 310 pilot wife?

After several years at ORD, Kevin decided to switch things up and transferred to Chicago TRACON, where he and his wife Jaime both currently work as controllers.

What is the fastest Beechcraft Baron?

The Beechcraft G58 Baron is powered by two IO-550-C Continental Motors with 300 HP apiece, and it comes stock with 3 blade constant speed propellers, and can reach a 202-knot cruise speed at 75% power….Performance.

Maximum Cruise Speed 202 ktas (374 km/h)
Stall Speed 73 kcas (135 k/mh)

Is the Beechcraft Baron good?

The New Baron On takeoff, Baron performance is impressive, with a maximum rate of climb near a jetlike 1,700 fpm. Using maximum power, the G58 can scoot at speeds of up to 202 knots while comfortably seating six people.

What is the takeoff distance of a Beech Baron?

Initial climb rate 1,700 fpm. Ceiling 20,688′. Range 1,287 nm.Takeoff distance 2,300′. Landing distance 1,300′. The Beech Baron is a beautiful-to-fly airplane, outstanding even among other “royalty” in the Beechcraft line. The first Barons appeared in 1961 with 260-hp Continentals and a list price of only $58,000.

How much does a Beechcraft Baron cost?

The Beech Baron is a beautiful-to-fly airplane, outstanding even among other “royalty” in the Beechcraft line. The first Barons appeared in 1961 with 260-hp Continentals and a list price of only $58,000. The original 55 Baron became the A55 model and is still in production with the same engines as the B55.

What is the fuel capacity of a Beech Baron?

One thought on “BEECH “BARON””. The E55 model Baron is powered with two 285hp Continental engines with a fuel capacity of 136-166 gal.

Is the Beechcraft Baron G58 my grandfather’s Baron?

Passing up a Beechcraft Baron G58 simply because the first Baron flew in 1962 would be a major mistake. The G58 is definitely not your grandfather’s Baron. Aficionados are quick to point out that the 1969 Model 58 was no more than a Model 36 Bonanza fuselage mated to a Model 55 Baron wing and two 285 hp engines (the 55 had only 260 hp).