What is the meaning of Bachianas Brasileiras?

Bach-inspired Brazilian pieces
The Bachianas Brasileiras (Portuguese pronunciation: [bakiˈɐ̃nɐz bɾaziˈlejɾɐs]) (an approximate English translation might be Bach-inspired Brazilian pieces) are a series of nine suites by the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, written for various combinations of instruments and voices between 1930 and 1945.

Who wrote Bachianas Brasileiras?

Heitor Villa-LobosBachianas Brasileiras / ComposerHeitor Villa-Lobos was a Brazilian composer, conductor, cellist, and classical guitarist described as “the single most significant creative figure in 20th-century Brazilian art music”. Villa-Lobos has become the best-known South American composer of all time. Wikipedia

How many symphonies did Villa-Lobos write?

12 symphonies
Heitor Villa-Lobos wrote 12 symphonies between 1916 and 1957, of which the fifth is lost. Unlike his series of Bachianas Brasilieros or his pieces titled Coros, they have never been terribly popular, mostly because they do not for the most part echo indigenous Brazilian music.

Where was Heitor Villa-Lobos from?

Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, BrazilHeitor Villa-Lobos / Place of birth

Why is Heitor Villa-Lobos important?

Heitor Villa-Lobos, (born March 5, 1887, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—died November 17, 1959, Rio de Janeiro), Brazilian composer and one of the foremost Latin American composers of the 20th century, whose music combines indigenous melodic and rhythmic elements with Western classical music.

What does Villa-Lobos mean in English?

town of wolves
Villalobos is a Spanish surname (meaning town of wolves) and common in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Italy.

Did Villa-Lobos play guitar?

While traveling with his family to various regions of the vast country, he also developed an interest in native Brazilian folk music. When they returned to Rio de Janeiro, Villa-Lobos began associating and performing with the city’s popular musicians. He learned to play the guitar.

Is Villalobos a Hispanic last name?

Villalobos Name Meaning Spanish: habitational name from Villalobos in Zamora province, named from villa ‘(outlying) farmstead’, ‘(dependent) settlement’ + lobos, plural of lobo ‘wolf’.

How rare is the last name Villalobos?

Villalobos is the 1,596th most frequently used family name in the world. It is borne by around 1 in 21,408 people.

What guitar did Andres Segovia play?

Ramirez guitar
In every concert Andrés Segovia gave, he played the Ramirez guitar, and people knew it was by Ramirez. Later came Hauser and Fleta.

Is Villalobos a rare last name?

Villalobos is the 1,596th most frequently used family name in the world.