What is the meaning of Solivagant?

To wander alone
Solivagant [soh-LIH-va-ghent] (adjective): To wander alone. This fun word comes from the Latin words “solus” meaning alone, and “vagans” meaning “wander.” There is something to be said about spending time outside in nature, alone.

What kind of word is Solivagant?

Definition of solivagant in the English dictionary The definition of solivagant in the dictionary is a lone wanderer.

How do you use Solivagant in a sentence?

It’s who I am. It’s all I know. Herein lies the chronicles of a solivagant journey through Thailand and Cambodia. I came almost to the illation, to be solivagant through this multivious megacosm to my ulterior requietory.

What do you call a person who is Solivagant?

Definition of solivagant (Entry 1 of 2) : a solitary wanderer.

What’s the opposite of Solivagant?

What is the opposite of solivagant?

family man homebody
member of the community one of the in-crowd
person about town social butterfly
socialite socializer
married man

What do you call a person who fake smiles?

-noun. One who fakes a smile. Eccedentesiast is derived from Latin ecce, ‘I present to you,’ dentes, ‘teeth,’ and –iast, ‘performer. ‘ An eccedentesiast is therefore someone who “performs by showing teeth,” or smiling.

What is Thalassophile?

a lover of the sea
DEFINITIONS1. 1. a lover of the sea. The amount of time he spent on a boat, he considered himself a thalassophile.

What word class is solitary?

noun, plural sol·i·tar·ies. a person who lives alone or in solitude, or avoids the society of others.

What is the word for someone who hides their feelings?

What does apathetic mean? Apathetic means uncaring. It’s an adjective form of apathy—the state of not caring. It can also mean the absence or suppression of emotion or passion.