What is the name of Stratovarius 11th album?

Stratovarius is the self-titled eleventh studio album by power metal band Stratovarius, released on 5 September 2005 through Sanctuary Records. The album reached No. 4 on the Finnish albums chart as well as the top 100 in six other countries.

Why did Stratovarius break up?

In 2008 guitarist, sole founder, composer and main lyricist Timo Tolkki, being highly critical of their last album and tired of the tensions between the members, decided to disband Stratovarius. However, at the demand of the rest of the band, he agreed to let them continue as Stratovarius while leaving the band.

Who are the members of Stratovarius?

From left to right: Matias Kupiainen, Timo Kotipelto, Lauri Porra, Rolf Pilve and Jens Johansson Stratovarius is a Finnish power metal band that formed in 1985. Since their formation, they have released fifteen studio albums, four DVDs and five live albums.

What kind of music does Stratovarius play?

This is the comprehensive discography of Stratovarius, a power metal band from Finland. Live! Visions of Europe Will the Sun Rise?” (1996) “Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace?”

What do you think about Stratovarius?

Stratovarius featured a very different change in style compared to previous efforts, containing almost no symphonic or neo-classical elements in the music or soloing of Tolkki and Johansson that fans were used to, and did not feature any lengthy epics.

What happened to the band Stratovarius?

The release of Stratovarius came after a highly troubled period for the band in 2004, during which they temporarily split up following a nervous breakdown suffered by Tolkki. After a year-long hiatus, they reunited in 2005 and toured worldwide in support of the album, playing for the first time in the United States and Canada.