What is the refund policy for Etsy?

If you use Etsy Payments, you can issue a refund after the payment is processed, and before 180 days after the payment is processed. After 180 days have passed, you can’t refund an order through Etsy Payments.

Will Etsy refund money if scammed?

In most cases, Etsy will refund a buyer’s money if they’re scammed. Etsy will require proof that the item purchased was not delivered or is not-as-described. If the item was purchased using PayPal, Etsy might require the buyer to dispute the case through PayPal.

Can a buyer request a refund on Etsy?

If you’d like a refund for an Etsy purchase, ask the shop for help. Although policies for refunds and returns are up to shops, a number of shops do allow refunds. First, review the shop’s policies for refunds and exchanges.

Can I get scammed on Etsy?

These scammers typically create multiple accounts on Etsy and send the same message to different sellers with little or no personalization. Scammers target sellers who list high-priced items in their shop and have fewer sales.

Is it easy to get scammed on Etsy?

An Etsy seller never has access to a buyer’s credit card information. So a buyer may get scammed on one purchase, but as long as they don’t purchase from the same seller again, the seller can’t steal more money from them. The best way to avoid getting scammed on Etsy as a buyer is to take precautions before purchasing.

What do I do if I get scammed on Etsy?

What To Do if I Get Scammed on Etsy?

  1. If you’ve noticed that your order hasn’t been shipped, the first thing to do is contact the seller.
  2. If you and the seller can’t resolve a problem with your order or they are not responding to your messages, open a case with Etsy’s Issue Resolution.

Does Etsy protect sellers?

Etsy Seller Protection offers assistance to eligible sellers in the event of a dispute with a buyer. To qualify for Seller Protection, you must comply with our Seller Protection Policy and remain in good standing with Etsy.

What if Etsy seller doesn’t ship?

Contact your local post office for help locating the package. Provide them with the tracking number, shipping service name, and your shipping address. You may have to reach out to the seller to get some of these details. Ask the seller if they’ll assist you by opening a claim with the shipping service.

What happens when you block a buyer on Etsy?

Do not worry if you accidentally block someone on Etsy, because you can unblock them whenever you want. Also, they won’t be notified about any of these changes. When you decide to unblock someone on Etsy, in order to do that you have to visit their profile.

Are there fake sellers on Etsy?

So yes, there are unscrupulous sellers on Etsy who are selling mass-manufactured items and trying to pass them off as handmade.