What is the strongest sword in Fable 3?

The most powerful weapon in Fable 3 when it comes to raw stats, is Jack’s Hammer. Belonging to the infamous Jack of Blades, the hammer can be found in the Auroran Mine or The Moral View in Aurora. Rarely, it can also be acquired in random weapon locations….1 Jack’s Hammer.

Type Of Weapon Hammer
Base Value 16, 500

How do you get unlimited money in Fable 3?

Fable 3: The 7 Fastest Ways To Make Money

  1. 7 The Blacksmith Job Makes The Most Money.
  2. 6 Buy Up All The Property You Can.
  3. 5 Prioritize Shops When Purchasing Property.
  4. 4 Set The Rent To The Highest Amount Possible.
  5. 3 Play The Game As Often As Possible.
  6. 2 Enter The Sunset House Demon Door.
  7. 1 Remember To Repair Your Property.

Where are the best weapons in Fable 3?

Random Locations

  • Mourningwood – Silver Chest (10)
  • Millfields – Silver Chest (20)
  • City of Aurora – Silver Chest (20)
  • Mistpeak Valley – Inside the Demon Door.
  • Sunset House – Inside the Golden Door.
  • Sunset House – Reward for completing the puzzle Shot the Difference in the pristine side of the house.

How do you get the Dragonstomper .48 in Fable 3?

48 is part of a small group of weapons that are extremely rare. These can only be found in the Sanctuary Treasury Chest and the 50 silver key chest in Bowerstone Castle’s garden.

How do you get the swinging sword in Fable 3?

The Swinging Sword is a legendary sword in Fable III. It may be found in either the Sanctuary Treasury Chest or the Bowerstone Castle Silver Chest.

Is Reaver the same in Fable 2 and 3?

Reaver leaves his home behind in both Fable II and Fable III. In Fable II, after Reaver leaves for Samarkand, Bloodstone Mansion is abandoned and can be bought by the Hero of Bowerstone, although Reaver leaves a heated letter behind for the “usurper”, stating he will kill him or her and take back what’s rightfully his.

How do you get to the Sunset House in Fable 3?

Sunset House

  1. In order to reach this location, run to the fortress in Mourningwood and leave it through the gate through which the Hollow Men came.
  2. After getting there, move forwards while sticking to the left side of the garden.
  3. The man in the hat looks as if he’s checking time on his watch [1].

Is Ben Finn a hero of skill?

According to Walter, Ben is a strong swimmer. In his book, he mentions that he instantly had a talent at firearms, even as a child. This may indicate Heroic blood, specifically in the Hero discipline of Skill.

How do you get the black dragon in Fable 3?

To get the Black Dragon, a score of 450 points must be achieved; the legendary pistol is the highest prize at the shooting range. When fully upgraded, The Black Dragon does a total of 153 damage at night, making it the most powerful pistol in the game, but only when firing at night.

Who is Reaver in Fable 3?

In the Fable III Limited Collectors Edition card deck, Reaver is the Queen of Spades and is seen on one half of the card with Barry Hatch visible behind him. In Fable II he has blue eyes, but his eyes are brown in Fable III.

Where can I find the Silver Key in Bowerstone?

Silver Key (Bowerstone Old Quarter, 2/2) Run uphill under the bridge in the Old Quarter past the pig statue. Near the top of the hill is a small park with a statue in it. Around the edge of the park is a house called the Nightshade House. Purchase this house and you can access the second floor to find the Silver Key.

Where can I find the key to the dankwater cavern?

Locate the entrance to Dankwater Cavern up in the hills to the right as you get to Bower Lake from the Bowerstone Market path. From the cavern entrance, run straight out of the cave and jump down into the pond and swim to the left to find this key.

Where can I find the crane in Bowerstone industrial?

Facing Sunset House ‘s front door, turn right and run to through the woods to this key in the corner of the area. In Bowerstone Industrial you’ll find a crane alongside the river just across the bridge from The Riveter’s Rest — it’s right where Reaver executed the protester.

Where can I find the Silver Key 2?

Near the docks is a large military warehouse you can enter across the canal from the factory with Silver Key 2. The red elevator at the top of the stairs on the upper floor is open and the key is floating inside. This is the same area you had to fight through to get to your ship to leave for Aurora.