What is the tone of The Feather Pillow by Horacio Quiroga?

Tone. Jordan: Dominant, loving, caring, although a rough person all around.

What is the theme of feather pillow?

Theme 2: You should enjoy life and everything happens for a reason. Explain how the following Gothic Literature Elements are expressed in the short story: Gothic setting: Icy, Cold because the house was uninviting.

What does The Feather Pillow have to do with Alicia’s death?

What does the feather pillow have to do with Alicia’s death? Jordan keeps the feather pillow as a reminder of his wife’s tragic death.

Who is the protagonist in The Feather Pillow?

Alicia was the main character in the story, she was a blond, angelic and timid young girl. She loved Jordan more than anything. The theme of the story is mainly about the death of Alicia from her pillow that has a parasite living and feeding off of Alicia’s head.

What is the climax of this story The Feather Pillow?

Climax~Jordan called the doctor, who didn’t know what was wrong with her. As Alicia got worse she started to see things. Jordan had no clue what to do so he just paced back and forth by her bed. Falling Action~Several days later Alicia passed away.

Why is The Feather Pillow A Gothic Tale?

The first gothic element in the story is the issue of vampirism. The obvious source of vampirism in the story is the awful creature that inhabits the pillow and that sucks the blood of it’s victim, initially as she sleeps at night, and towards the end of the story, as she is immobilized completely from lack of energy.

What is the climax of feather pillow?

What happens when Jordan helps Alicia go into the garden The Feather Pillow?

Finally one afternoon she was able to go into the garden, supported on her husband’s arm. She looked around listlessly. Suddenly Jordan, with deep tenderness, ran his hand very slowly over her head, and Alicia instantly burst into sobs, throwing her arms around his neck.

What is the climax of the story the feather pillow?

What was the cause of Alicia’s death?

How does the vampiric nature of the parasite compare to Alicia and Jordan’s relationship? Both had a vampiric/parasitic relationship with one another. The creature fed off Alicia’s blood, causing her to die. Jordan’s distance and lack of affection also sucked the life from her emotionally.

What is the mood in The Feather Pillow?

When Alicia becomes sick, the mood in the story shifted from one of minor anxiety to one of terror and horror.

What is the relationship between Jordan and Alicia in The Feather Pillow?

What is Jordan and Alicia’s relationship like at the beginning of the story? Alicia loves him desperately and shows her affection. Jordan loves her, but doesn’t show it. He is cold towards her.

What is the summary of the feather pillow by Quiroga?

“The Feather Pillow” Quiroga. In the short story “The Feather Pillow”, Quiroga describes the horrific events surrounding a newly married couple. According to Todorov this text would not be purely fantastic because there is a sense of resolution through rational explanation at the end.

What does Quiroga say about the monster in the story?

In this conclusion Quiroga offers a rational explanation, that the monster is what took the life of the woman, not an unknown phenomena which would lead the story to be fantastic. The influence of Poe on Quiroga becomes apparent in his story.

What does “not uncommonly found in the feather pillow” mean?

“Not uncommonly found in the Feather Pillow”. The feather pillow can be symbolized as the something that is making their relationship worse and worse. This helps the reader see how much that Jordan was not opening his eyes, and wanted to ignore the fact that his wife was dying.

How does Quiroga present understanding of gender roles in the story?

There is an appearance of a understanding gender roles by Quiroga when he writes of the woman “trying not to think about anything until her husband arrived each evening” (5) to stay away form the fantasizing her husband disapproved of. The story continues to then describe how she began feeling weak, which the doctors cannot explain the meaning of.