What is Tornado web framework?

Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous network library, originally developed at FriendFreed. Tornado uses non-blocking network-io. Due to this, it can handle thousands of active server connections. It is a saviour for applications where long polling and a large number of active connections are maintained.

What is Tornado application?

A Tornado web application generally consists of one or more RequestHandler subclasses, an Application object which routes incoming requests to handlers, and a main() function to start the server.

What is Tornado programming?

Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed.

Is Tornado a web server?

Tornado is a scalable, non-blocking web server and web application framework written in Python. It was developed for use by FriendFeed; the company was acquired by Facebook in 2009 and Tornado was open-sourced soon after.

Why do tornadoes form?

Tornadoes develop from severe thunderstorms in warm, moist, unstable air along and ahead of cold fronts. Such thunderstorms also may generate large hail and damaging winds. When intense springtime storm systems produce large, persistent areas that support tornado development, major outbreaks can occur.

Where do tornadoes occur?

In the U.S. they are most common in the central plains of North America, east of the Rocky Mountains and west of the Appalachian Mountains. They occur mostly during the spring and summer; the tornado season comes early in the south and later in the north because spring comes later in the year as one moves northward.

Is tornado natural disaster?

Tornadoes are natural disasters that are responsible for part of the world death toll each year. The enormous damage that tornadoes usually leave behind affects many aspects of the public health and economic stability of a region or a country.

How are tornadoes detected?

A Doppler radar can detect wind speed and direction, rotation often signifies tornadic development. Once a tornado is detected, both radars and satellites are used to track the storm. Satellite images often show details of tornado damage, especially from high resolution POES images as seen below.

How are tornadoes measured?

Tornado strength is currently measured on what is called the Enhanced Fujita Scale (adapted from the simpler Fujita Scale in 2007), which gives the tornado a rating from 0 to 5 based on estimated wind speeds and the severity of the damage.

What is speed of tornado?

The Fujita Scale

The Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity
F-Scale Number Intensity Phrase Wind Speed
F1 Moderate tornado 73-112 mph
F2 Significant tornado 113-157 mph
F3 Severe tornado 158-206 mph

How do you monitor a tornado?