What jobs did the Indus civilization have?

Job Specialization in Indus Valley Civilization

  • Farming. Farming and agriculture was an important part of their society.
  • Trading. The Indus people were greatly reliant on trade.
  • Making Jewellery.
  • Spinning and weaving cotton into clothes.
  • Making pottery.
  • Making tools and weapons.

What technology did the Indus Valley use?

The people of the Indus Valley civilization were technically very developed and had a good knowledge of metallurgy, they also used standardized burnt bricks, precision weights, and cotton. Many subdivisions also had a standardized system of weights and measurements with calibration.

What was the job specialization?

Job specialization, sometimes referred to as the division of labor, is a process in which employees develop specific skills, experience and knowledge in a particular area in order to gain the expertise required to perform certain aspects of a job.

Did the Indus Valley people use money?

Did the Indus people use money? Indus Valley traders did not use money, so they probably exchanged goods. They might swap two sacks of wheat for one basket of minerals.

What different technology was used for their production in Harappan civilization?

The researchers claim that the Harappans had perfected most of the technologies such as stone-beading, crafts production, Indus ceramic technologies, metal and metallurgy, which are still used.

What are some examples of job specialization?

Medical professionals can specialize in several areas. Some examples of medical specializations include careers like neonatal nursing, family medicine, internal medicine, diagnostic radiology and more. Example: Laura works as a nurse at a major hospital but her passion is helping people who have critical needs.

How did job specialization help civilization?

Job specialization allowed for people to develop and contribute important skills to help maintain their civilization. An individual could not develop all the skills needed to maintain specific items and tasks. Most people in early civilizations were farmers.

How did Indus make money?

The economy of the Indus civilization was based on animal husbandry, particularly of zebu cattle, and on arable agriculture, growing cereals, pulses, and other plants. These were supplemented by the exploitation of wild resources, such as fish.

What types of products were made by Indus craft workers?

“The most important [ancient Indus] crafts were in the fields of textiles, ceramic manufacturing, stone carving, household artefacts such as razors, bowls, cups, vases and spindles, and the production of jewelry, statuettes, figurines and children’s toys, some of which were mechanical in function.

How is technology used in farming?

Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. These advanced devices and precision agriculture and robotic systems allow businesses to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

What were the agricultural technologies used by the Harappans Class 12?

Bricks, Beads And Bones. Describe the agricultural technologies adopted by the Harappans. It cannot be denied that there did exist agriculture during Harappan civilization because we have the evidence of grains.

What were the jobs of the Indus Valley Civilization?

Some jobs may include trading goods, farming, making of fire, bricking house, making toys out of clay, pottery, etc. The majority of the population would have been peasant farmers. Click to see full answer. Hereof, what was the main occupation of Indus Valley civilization? Beside above, what did the Indus Valley?

What was found in the Indus River Valley Civilization?

Copper weapons found by archaeologists during the Indus River Valley Civilization. [1] Indus River Valley Job Specialization WRITING Short inscriptions made up of characters and pictographic signs (similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics and Mesopotamian cuneiform) have been found on seals, pottery, and other objects.

How did the Indus Valley develop a measurement system?

The Indus Valley people are considered to be the first in many technological advancements, one of which being a developed measurement system. They had accurate methods of measuring length, mass and time by developing their own system of weights and rulers that were all identical.

What tools were used in the Indus Valley?

Some tools that were made with the metals are hammers, knives, needles, axes, razors, saws and others used for agriculture. The Indus Valley people are considered to be the first in many technological advancements, one of which being a developed measurement system.