What kind of charger does the Kindle Paperwhite use?

The cable provides a standard USB 2.0 connector on one end and a Micro USB connector on the other. Plug the USB connector into a computer, game console, or AC adapter, and the Micro USB connector into a device equipped with a Micro USB port.

Can I use my phone charger to charge my Kindle Paperwhite?

Question: Can I use my Samsung Grand mobile charger with power rating of 5W (5V & 1A) to charge Kindle paperwhite 2nd generation? Answer: Yes you can as long as you have the correct USB cord that fits the kindle.

Do you need a special charger for Kindle Paperwhite?

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is the first Kindle to offer wireless charging and can be used with any compatible Qi wireless charger (sold separately).

Do Kindles have different chargers?

All the Kindle models use the same USB standard charging connection, so one cable should work with another model.

Can I use my iPhone charger for my Kindle Paperwhite?

yes! I charge my kindle with my iPod/iPad wall charger and it Works fine!

Can you use an iPhone charger for Kindle?

yes! I charge my kindle with my iPod/iPad wall charger and it Works fine! This has been discussed many times.

How do I know if my Kindle Paperwhite is charging?

Once your Kindle Paperwhite starts charging, the LED light next to your cable will light amber, to indicate that the battery is charging. On the screen, you’ll see a lightning bolt icon in the battery icon that’s in the top right corner. The light turns green when it’s full.

Can I charge my Kindle Paperwhite with my iPad charger?

yes! I charge my kindle with my iPod/iPad wall charger and it Works fine! This has been discussed many times. Anything that charges using the USB 5 volt, 1 amp, 5 watt standard will charge fine with the iPad’s USB 5 volt, 2 amp, 10 watt charger.

How can I charge my Kindle without a charger?

Use the lead which comes with the Kindle. It’s a standard USB lead. You can use it to connect to a computer, a phone charger, the charger that comes with a tablet and even an ipad charger. Obviously the higher power the charger, the faster it will charge.

Can I use my iPad charger to charge my Kindle Paperwhite?

Does the Kindle Paperwhite come with a charger or?

This is a standard connector for small devices. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite does not come with a wall charger; only the USB cable. The Kindle Paperwhite reaches a full charge after about four hours of being plugged into a computer.

How to charge your Kindle Paperwhite?

The LED light next to your cable lights amber.

  • The amber light turns green once the Kindle Paperwhite is fully charged.
  • Using a computer,it might take approximatey 3 hours for a dead or drained battery to be fully charged.
  • Unplug your charged Kindle Paperwhite from the computer once you notice the green light.
  • Which Kindle Paperwhite is good?

    ] This version of the Paperwhite has 8GB of onboard storage—good for “thousands” of ebooks—and is the ad-supported version, meaning it shows ads on the lock screen. Amazon has also bundled three months of Kindle Unlimited for free with this e-reader.

    Does the Kindle Paperwhite worth the buy?

    Yes, the Kindle Paperwhite is worth the price. The Kindle Paperwhite starts at around $130, which makes it only about $40 more than the standard Kindle. Compared to the standard Kindle, the