What kind of coral reef is carbin Reef?

The Carbin Reef is actually a sand bar with white sand complementing the clear white water. Giant clams, sea urchins, colorful fishes, and other marine life can be found at the place.

How do you get to carbin Reef Sagay City?


  1. If you’re coming from Manila or other parts of the country, take a flight to Bacolod, the capital city of Negros Occidental.
  2. Make your way to Silay main road and take a Ceres bus bound for Sagay.
  3. From the North Bus Terminal, you can take a bus or van to the City of Sagay.

Why do we celebrate Sinigayan festival?

The Sinigayan Festival is Sagay City’s way of preserving and promoting the appreciation of our rich and beautiful heritage by showcasing the vibrant colors of our art and culture here in the Philippines, the ingenuity and creativity of our people, and the abundance of our seas and lands.

How do you get to Suyac Island?

Shuttle vans or buses from Bacolod to Sagay are for around 170p (takes about 2 hours), then 70p tricycle taxi to take you from Sagay to the old port. Prices to get to the island are listed below. A van can also be rented for around 3,500p/day total, cutting down the trips by half.

What are the rituals and activities of Sinigayan festival?

Sinigayan Festival Activities The festival celebration begins in a thanksgiving mass, then followed by the parade and the opening programs which showcase the abundant harvest of vegetables and fruits, copious marine life, the vibrant art community, and the livelihood of the town.

What is the festival of Sagay City?

How is Tuna festival celebrated?

The beginning of the festival is marked by an extravagant “Tuna Float Parade”. The people enjoy and fall in love with the floats which commonly have an ocean and Tuna fish theme, showcasing the province’s bountiful catch. Throughout the week-long celebration, culinary events are held every night.

What is Nalak festival?

T’nalak Festival, also known as Tinalak Festival, is a festival held to celebrate the anniversary of South Cotabato and is observed every July. The festival’s unique name is attributed to a popular piece of colorful cloth woven by the local T’boli women (T’boli is a tribe in the region).

What is Bailes de Luces?

Bailes de Luces, or “Dances of Light”, is also the official festival of the municipality held during the Christmas season and culminates every January 5, coinciding with the town’s Charter Day. During the street dance competition, the performers use LED lights as their main props.

What is the highlight of Tuna Festival?

The Tuna Festival is the biggest fiesta in GenSan since 1988. This festival celebrates the city’s main product: Tuna. GenSan is the largest producer of Sashimi-grade Tuna in the Philippines. The beginning of the festival is marked by an extravagant “Tuna Float Parade”.

Is kadayawan festival religious?

Kadayawan Festival History It is the celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, and bounties of harvest and serenity of living. While it’s celebrated without the religious factor, the origin of Kadayawan Festival is the pagan belief of the ethnic tribes of Davao.

Why is Nalak important?

T’nalak is a traditional hand-woven cloth indigenous to the T’boli people from the Cotabato region. It is woven in order to celebrate and pay tribute to major life events such as birth, life, marriage, or death within the community.

What is the Carbin reef?

Carbin Reef is a huge, tongue-shaped, white sandbar 15km within Sagay City limits and is bounded on the north by Asuncion Pass and the Visayan Sea. It’s the center of the 32,000-hectare Sagay Marine Reserve.

How to go to Carbin reef from Manila?

ATM’s IN SAGAY: There are ATMs in Sagay town (BPI,BDO,Landbank), the jumping-off point to Carbin Reef. 1. From Manila, Cebu or other parts of the Philippines, you can fly to Bacolod City in Negros Occidental (Bacolod-Silay International Airport). 2. Follow the Bacolod to Carbin Reef directions below. 1.

How to book Carbin reef Sagay City?

Carbin Reef limits its visitors to 100 per day, 70 slots for those who reserved and 30 for walk-ins. So best to book in advance. For bookings contact, Sagay City Information and Tourism Office – 034 488 0649 or email them at [email protected]

What to bring to Carbin reef in South Africa?

If you are itching to frolic in crystal clear, blue water and powdery, white sand, pack your swimwear, snorkeling gears and sunglasses and head to Carbin Reef . This drone-worthy and Instagram-worthy sandbar is impossibly perfect that you have to see it in person to believe it’s not photoshopped!