What kind of processor does Toshiba Satellite L850 have?

Toshiba Satellite L850 Series. Processor: AMD A-Series A6-4400M, AMD E-Series E2-1800, Intel Core i5 3210M, Intel Core i7 3610QM, Intel Core i7 3630QM. Graphics Adapter: AMD Radeon HD 7340, AMD Radeon HD 7520G, AMD Radeon HD 7670M, Intel HD Graphics 4000.

How much does a Toshiba Satellite l850-153 cost?

The Toshiba Satellite L850-153 is equipped with middle-class hardware and targets price-conscious multimedia users. Although it offers a powerful Ivy Bridge CPU and a DirectX 11-ready Radeon HD 7670M, the 15-inch laptop is available at a price starting at 650 Euros (~$840).

Which is better Toshiba Satellite L850 or ASUS k55vm?

At Rs. 55,000, the Toshiba Satellite L850 is slightly cheaper than the Asus K55VM and you also get an operating system bundled. However, you will have to sacrifice battery life and a bit of gaming performance, not to mention a smaller hard drive.

Is the Dell satellite L850 a good computer?

It needs to be a well ventilated machine considering that it ships with an Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU, a discrete AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics adapter and a 1TB hard drive. It also has 4GB of RAM installed, with a spare slot free for expansion. We had no issues with the Satellite L850’s performance during our tests.

Is the Lenovo L850 a good laptop?

The engine room features a third generation Intel Core i7 CPU and an AMD Radeon HD 7670 graphics card, so you can definitely get some great performance out of this laptop. However, for what it is, the L850’s price point is perhaps a little on the high side.

What is the difference between Toshiba l855 and l855d?

The L855 series uses Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors with a HD 7670M, whereas the L855D series employs an A8-4500M with a HD 7640G. Buyers looking for a smaller or larger notebook, will be served well by the Toshiba Satellite L830 (13-inch) or L870/L875 (17-inch).