What literary devices are used in Lady Lazarus?

Sylvia Plath uses a diverse array of stylistic devices in “Lady Lazarus,” among them allusion, apostrophe, extended metaphor, and irony, in order to develop the speaker as a character. Those three poetic devices are particularly evident in lines 65-79 of”Lady Lazarus.”

What are the symbols and imagery used in the poem Lady Lazarus?

“Lady Lazarus” Symbols

  • Skin. The speaker’s skin, which is referenced several times throughout the poem, is a symbol for the speaker’s life, the pain that is so much a part of that life, and the way that her pain is both always on display to others and, at the same time, hidden.
  • Phoenix.
  • Holocaust imagery.

What metaphors does Sylvia Plath use in Daddy and Lady Lazarus?

The poet has compared her father, husband and most men, in general with, ‘Black shoe’; ‘Ghastly statue’; ‘Panzer- man’ and ‘Vampire’.

What are the major themes of Lady Lazarus?

Major Themes in “Lady Lazarus”: Death, depression, pain, and power are the major themes of this poem. The disheartened speaker talks about her failed suicide attempts and give reasons for her resentment. She also expresses her anger for those who saved her from dying.

What does peanut crunching crowd mean?

In this imaginary scene, Lady Lazarus loses control of her body. It seems fun for the crowd—they are crunching peanuts, after all, but this is a violent experience for Lady L. She is an object of spectacle for a hungry crowd. But, she tells us, she is the “same, identical woman.” What does Lady L mean here?

What is the tone of Lady Lazarus?

Lady Lazarus has a single speaker with different personas, so as the poem progresses perspective changes. Overall the tone is defiant, perverse and grotesque. There is a hint of theatrical bravado and even comedy. Stanzas 1 – 8 focus on the first person – What she is, what she thinks of her actions.

What is the tone of the poem Daddy by Sylvia Plath?

Throughout Sylvia Plath’s poem “Daddy,” The tone is found to be childishly innocent, kind of close to a lullaby, and extremely deranged and menacing.

What is the figurative language in the poem Daddy?

Lines 29-35: Here, the speaker uses a train engine as a metaphor for the German language, which her father speaks. The train is taking the speaker to a concentration camp, like the Jews were during the Holocaust, which is a metaphor for how she feels that she is a victim of her father.

What is the meaning behind Lady Lazarus?

‘Lady Lazarus’ is an allusion to the biblical character “Lazarus of Bethany”. Jesus’ magical power saved Lazarus from dying. However, in this poem, Plath compares herself to the character as she tried to kill herself several times but failed to do so. In this way, she was saved from death by those around her.

What is a literary device in a poem?

literary devices. The term “poetic device” refers to anything used by a poet—including sounds, shapes, rhythms, phrases, and words—to enhance the literal meaning of their poem. This could mean using rhythm and sound to pull the reader into the world of the poem, or adding figurative meaning to their literal words.