What Makes a Good time attack car?

A nice, RWD platform and a relatively light body it makes a great track car. Supras have also been popular but the heavy and powerful 6 cylinder up front can make them a challenge to drive fast. Last but not least, Honda Civic or Honda Integra can make a formidable time attack weapon.

How much HP do time attack cars have?

Competitive cars in this class typically have in excess of 300 wheel-horsepower, with some of the fastest above 500 wheel-horsepower.

What is the fastest time attack car?

American Time Attack’s Greatest – The 10 Fastest Unlimited Cars in Super Lap Battle History

  • 1:40.967 – Lyfe Motorsports Nissan GT-R.
  • 1:41.046 – Sierra Sierra Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII.
  • 1:41.092 – Evasive Motorsports Toyota 86.
  • 1:41.520 – H&M Motorsports Nissan GT-R.
  • 1:41.925 – Limitless Racing Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

What is a time attack car?

The Basics. Time Attack is a timed test of a driver’s ability to push their car to the limits on an unimpeded road course to achieve the fastest lap against other competitors. The premise is that street car-based vehicles on “street” tires are attempting to turn the single best orbit around a given track.

Why do time attack cars have so much aero?

Time attack cars are powered by high horsepower engines and their brakes are working overtime – meaning the path of air through the engine bay is critical. Apart from minimising drag, creating downforce, a well designed aero package should also ensure sufficient cooling of various engine and drivetrain components.

How much downforce do time attack cars make?

TA’s humongous front wings can produce an astonishing three tonnes worth of downforce through the front wheels. That’s over three times what the Senna GTR’s rear wing can produce.

Is a 370z a race car?

Fairlady Z NISMO Z-Challenge Spec (2013) It is a race car based on the Fairlady Z for the Z-Challenge single-spec race series.

Why do time attack cars have big wings?

While large rear wings are used for increasing down force, rear spoilers tend to be mostly used to give the air a smooth exit from the rear of the car. This is to reduce lift and increase rear stability – without the need for a big wing (though many race cars will feature both).

How long is Tsukuba Circuit?

1.271 mi
Tsukuba Circuit (Japanese: 筑波サーキット, Tsukuba Sа̄kitto) is a motorsport race track located in Shimotsuma, a neighboring city of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, about 60 km north of central Tokyo. It is 2.045 kilometres (1.271 mi) long, with 32 pit garages and a 437 m (0.272 mi) long back straight.

At what speed is Aero effective?

At speeds over 9 mph, it’s the dominant force of resistance. By the time you hit about 30 mph, 90 percent of your power goes into overcoming air resistance, or what scientists call aerodynamic drag.

Do canards make a difference?

With all the redirection of the airflow that canards can produce, they ultimately assist with adding downforce to the front of the car, thereby increasing traction and improving the car’s overall handling characteristics.

What is Aero in cars?

Automotive aerodynamics is the study of the aerodynamics of road vehicles. Its main goals are reducing drag and wind noise, minimizing noise emission, and preventing undesired lift forces and other causes of aerodynamic instability at high speeds. Air is also considered a fluid in this case.