What military base is in Syria?

US and coalition troops are based at al-Tanf to train Syrian forces on patrols to counter ISIS militants. The base is also located on a road serving as a vital link for Iranian-backed forces from Tehran all the way to southern Lebanon and Israel.

Is there US Air Force in Syria?

Aside from Russia, the three main foreign air forces that routinely operate in Syrian airspace are Israel, Turkey, and the United States.

What Air Force bases are in Syria?

Military airbases

Name Location served Governorate
Sayqal Military Airbase Sayqal, al-Dumayr Subdistrict Rif Dimashq
Shayrat Air Base Shayrat, al-Riqama Subdistrict Homs
Tabqa Military Airbase Tabqa, al-Tabqa Subdistrict Raqqa
Taftanaz Military Airbase Taftanaz, Taftanaz Subdistrict, Idlib District, Idlib Governorate Idlib

How many people are in Idlib?

According to various estimates, around four million people live in Idlib province, over one million of them in refugee camps. Many have already fled several times within Syria.

Is there a US army base in Syria?

Al-Tanf (Arabic: التَّنْف, romanized: al-Tanf), also known as the Al-Tanf garrison (ATG), is a United States military base within territory controlled by the Syrian opposition in Homs Governorate located 24 km (15 mi) west of the al-Tanf border crossing in the Syrian Desert.

How many military bases are in Syria?

There were approximately 1,500–2,000 U.S. Marine and Special Operations Forces in Syria, spread across 12 different facilities, being used as training bases for Kurdish rebels. These soldiers withdrew from Syria to western Iraq in October 2019.

Where are American troops stationed in Syria?

How many US bases are in Syria?

Where are Russian troops in Syria?

Russian special forces are still on the ground in Syria (especially in Idlib) where they provide training and support attacks on the rebels as of September 2019.

Who rules Idlib?

As HTS continues to control the city of Idlib, the last stronghold of rebels fighting al-Assad’s regime with a population of more than 3.5 million civilians, it presents an international conundrum, particularly if the Russian backed Syrian regime decides to conduct a full-scale offensive on the city.

Who controls Idlib right now?

The provincial capital is Idlib. In 2011, the governorate was taken over by Syrian rebel militias in the context of the Syrian civil war. In 2017, the governorate came under the nominal control of the Syrian Salvation Government, with Tahrir al-Sham becoming the dominant militia in the region.

How many army bases are in Syria?