What music festivals happened in 1969?

Woodstock, in full The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, the most famous of the 1960s rock festivals, held on a farm property in Bethel, New York, August 15–18, 1969.

What bands played at the Atlantic City Pop Festival in 1969?

From Aug. 1 to 3, 1969, the Atlantic City Pop Festival attracted somewhere between 100,000 and 120,000 people (estimates vary) to the former Atlantic City Race Course in Mays Landing to see Janis Joplin, Santana, The Byrds, Little Richard, Frank Zappa and many other musically diverse acts.

What was the name of the music festival that lasted 3 days in 1969?

The Woodstock Music Festival
The Woodstock Music Festival began on August 15, 1969, as half a million people waited on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York, for the three-day music festival to start.

What was the name of the famous music festival in the 60s?

Here’s to feeling groovy! Woodstock is one of the most famous and legendary festivals to date—and for good reason. The three-day festival (spilling into four days) was held on a dairy farm (Max Yasgur’s farm) in New York State and drew around 400,000 people.

What were the 3 big rock festivals of the 60’s?

The Most Memorable Rock Festivals Of The 60s And 70s

  • Newport Folk Festival of 1965.
  • Festival Express.
  • Altamont Speedway Free Festival 1969.
  • Monterey Pop Festival.
  • Woodstock.

Who played at Atlantic City Pop Festival?

The roster of acts spanned the musical spectrum from American rock (Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Captain Beefheart), the blues (B.B. King), British rock (Procol Harum, Joe Cocker), R&B (Booker T. & The MGs), singer/songwriters (Tim Buckley, Joni Mitchell) to ’50s rock ‘n’ roll (Little Richard).

Was Joni Mitchell at the Monterey Pop festival?

Rock journalist John Carpenter of the Los Angeles Free Press noted that Mitchell was not on the Big Sur Folk Festival program that year — and neither were Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. But they were welcomed to the stage and they blew away the audience.

How long was Woodstock 1969?

three days
The festival was meant to only last three days, but bad weather and traffic jams caused many delays and performances were pushed late into the night each night and early into the morning, finishing up on Monday, August 18th.

Where was the 1969 Woodstock music festival held?

Max Yasgur’s Farm

What was that festival in the 70s?


Name Years Location
Hollywood Music Festival 1970 Staffordshire, England
The Kickapoo Creek Rock Festival 1970 Heyworth, Illinois, U.S.
World Popular Song Festival 1970–1989 Japan
Atlanta International Pop Festival II 1970 Byron, Georgia, U.S.