What Naruto episodes are main storyline?

Naruto Shippuden

  • Episode 6: Mission Cleared.
  • Episode 7: Run, Kankuro.
  • Episode 54-71: “Twelve Guardian Ninja” arc.
  • Episode 89-112: “Three-Tails’ Appearance” arc.
  • Episode 127-128: Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~
  • Episode 144-151: “Six-Tails Unleashed” arc.
  • Episode 170-171: Big Adventure!

What is the 170 episode of Naruto?

“The Closed Door” (衝撃 閉ざされた扉, Shōgeki Tozasareta Doa) is episode 170 of the original Naruto anime.

Which Naruto is best?

For the fans who love higher stakes and a gritty story, Naruto Shippuden is clearly the way to go. Masashi Kishimoto made sure to raise the stakes by quite a lot during the second part of the story.

Is Naruto: Shippūden Episode 170 filler?

These are the filler episodes you can skip without losing any of the storyline: 28, 170-171, 223-242, 257-260, 271, 279-281, 376-377, 416, 422-423, 427-450, and 480-483.

What happens in episode 171 of Naruto: Shippūden?

Synopsis. Naruto and the others take on the oncoming challenges in order to find the secret technique and break the previous record set by the Fourth Hokage. But Naruto’s impulsive action leads the group into various troubles.

Do I watch Naruto or Naruto Shippuden first?

The easiest way how to watch Naruto is to start with Naruto (2002–2007), continue with Naruto Shippuden (2007–2017), and after that start watching Boruto (2017–now). The tricky part is that there are many Naruto movies and if you love the series you want them to make sense, so you don’t want to watch them randomly.

Is Naruto better than Shippuden?

The story of Naruto: Shippuden is much more interesting, offering more character development and deeper plots, the animation became a lot better and the overall importance of the sequel series is much bigger for Naruto Uzumaki than it was the case with Naruto.

What are the best episodes of Naruto?

Nine-Tails Captured,Episode 165 (8.9)

  • Hero Of The Hidden Leaf,Episode 175 (9.0)
  • The Ties That Bind,Episode 364 (9.0)
  • Danger!
  • I Will Love You Always,Episode 339 (9.1)
  • The Sage Of The Six Paths,Episode 421 (9.1)
  • *The Fourth Hokage’s Death Match,Episode 248 (9.2)
  • *Confession,Episode 166 (9.2)
  • The End,Episode 138 (9.2)
  • What is a summary of Naruto series till the ending?

    Unlike the first series, Naruto is now older and has new teachers to help him through his adventure. At the same time, he faces the biggest threats to the five shinobi nations and must deal with the loss of someone he considers a brother.

    Is Naruto a good anime?

    Naruto is a great anime that’s packed with action and great stories. If you’re looking for something similar, try any of these other anime! For a lot of young anime fans in the early 2000s, Naruto was the second coming of Dragon Ball Z.

    Which Naruto episodes should I skip?

    What should I skip in Naruto Shippuden? 279–281 are filler episodes, skip the next two, and episodes 284–295 are all filler episodes. Episodes 303 through 320 are all filler episodes. 347–361 are all filler episodes too. The next filler episodes are 376–377 with Mecha-Naruto Episodes. Can I skip Naruto Shippuden? 1 Answer.