What notes are whistle tones?

The whistle register is the highest phonational register, sometimes referred to as “hyper” head voice. It begins above the soprano “high C” (C6) or and usually extends to a major 9th above (D7). The frequency range is approximately 1050 – 2350 Hz.

Who is the Queen of whistle notes?

#3: Minnie Riperton She had a four-octave coloratura soprano range and was known as The Queen of the Whistle Register, The Songbird, and The Nightingale for her incredible ability to sing in the whistle register.

Can Beyonce do whistle notes?

Beyonce’s voice spans a little less than 4 octaves, which is extremely impressive for any singer. Her high whistle tones are on par with greats including Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande.

What song does Ariana Grande whistle in?

Ariana Grande Brings Back The Whistle Note For Her New Song ‘Imagine’

What song does Ariana Grande hit a whistle note?

What is the highest whistle tone?

10,599 Hz
The highest note whistled is 10,599 Hz, and was achieved by Joshua Lockard (USA) in Southlake, Texas, USA, on 1 May 2019.

What is Kelly Clarkson’s vocal range?

Kelly Clarkson can sing approximately three octaves, spanning Eb3 – C6 – F#6. She has occasionally exclaimed higher than this – and would make her range almost four octaves by reaching up to C#7 – but these notes lack the same degree of control and wouldn’t typically be considered part of her vocal range.

What kind of voice does Lady Gaga have?

Lyric Mezzo-Soprano
Lady Gaga’s can sing approximately three octaves, spanning A2 – G5 – B5. What is Lady Gaga’s vocal fach or voice type? Lady Gaga is a Lyric Mezzo-Soprano. As she possesses a dark and healthy lower register and finds her tessitura around the C5-D5 range, one can assert quite confidently that she is a Mezzo-Soprano.

What is the hardest note to sing?

The highest note on record is a G10 sung by Georgia Brown, a Brazilian dance/electric singer. You can hear it here (it’s really something!). While a G10 is extreme, many of the coloraturas I know sing up to the 7th octave.

What is Mariah Carey’s whistle note range?

Mariah Carey popularized the whistle note back in 1990 when her self-titled debut album was released. Fans were mesmerized by her five-octave range, which can go as low as an F2 all the way to a G7, Maria’s highest recorded note sung in her Hot 100 hit, “Emotions.”

Is it possible for Mimi to whistle without belts?

To this day, Mimi continues to hit whistle tones and claims that it is actually easier for her to whistle than it is to belt or sing in chest/head voice, considering her struggles with vocal nodes.

Can Jennifer Aniston really sing in the whistle register?

The star is widely known for being able to sing in her whistle register, which she has done a multitude of times, including during her performance at Toronto’s Massey Hall, where she sang the song, “Expensive”.