What personality type is Elektra?

Elektra makes a classic ENTJ, an extroverted and intuitive leader who isn’t afraid to pass judgment and let others know how she feels.

What is special about Elektra?

She’s a powerful fighter who seems to be super-strong, fast and resilient. She repeatedly fights, and beats, the heroes who make up the Defenders, and she serves The Hand’s leader, Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver) with almost-unflinching loyalty.

Who is Elektra love interest?

Elektra Natchios is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Frank Miller, the character first appeared in Daredevil #168 (January 1981). She is a love interest of the superhero Daredevil, but her violent nature and mercenary lifestyle divide the two.

Is Elektra Natchios Greek?

Elektra Natchios was born on a Greek island near the Aegean Sea to Hugo Kostas Natchios and his wife Christina Natchios. Elektra’s mother was gunned down while vacationing on a yacht. After her mother’s death, Elektra grew up close to her father but was plagued by visions and voices with no known source.

What MBTI type is Matt Murdock?

12 INFJ – Matt Murdock (Daredevil) As the most selfless of the personality types, INFJ’s are always looking out for the little people and are naturally drawn to make the world a better place.

Is Elektra good or evil?

In the Marvel Mangaverse, Elektra is evil and works for the Hand. When she is first introduced she encounters Daredevil who at first refuses to believe that she was working for the enemy. After a tearful reunion they kiss and she says to him “You tried to save my soul once.

What makes Elektra the Black Sky?

The Hand then retrieved Elektra’s corpse from the grave and placed it in a stone chamber to be exposed to the Resurrection Elixir. After her resurrection, Alexandra Reid manipulated and took her under her wing, re-training her to truly become the Black Sky.

Do Matt and Karen end up together?

He never does, which ultimately leads to their final breakup. So, yes, Karen and Matt stay together for a while after she learns he is Daredevil, but after that moment, nothing was ever the same.

Who is daredevils wife?

Milla Donovan
She is usually depicted as a supporting character in the comic-book series Daredevil….

Milla Donovan
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Daredevil vol. 2 #41 (March 2003)
Created by Brian Michael Bendis Alex Maleev
In-story information

What ethnicity is Elektra Natchios?

Elektra, in Daredevil, is an Asian woman (the series leaves her ethnicity ambiguous, but Yung is French and Cambodian) and she has a plot and personality that blends those belonging to all three of the aforementioned anti-heroes.